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月曜日, 5月 22, 2006


eat four packets of nasi lemak. repel the powers of not one dark lord of the sith, but two. see a massive demonstration against the oppression of the people of palestine. walk by a prime minister's house. sit at the same table with the personal advisor to the president of kyrgyzstan. travel under a river on a train. eat a seven ringgit karipap (without any inti daging whatsoever) and an eighteen ringgit roti canai in the pouring rain while checking out pretty asyik dancers.

just another ordinary weekend break in london.

pictures here, as per usual.

木曜日, 5月 18, 2006

Hail, hail

土曜日, 5月 13, 2006

Laugh until one's head comes off

i have to say one thing about the town radiohead chose to kick off their UK tour - damn. we arrived early due to a mistake on my part (it wasn't as far up the west coast as i thought). that was the longest latte i had in starbucks ever. the empress ballroom is part of the winter gardens complex. a bit on the decrepit side but, if i'm not mistaken, this is where they do international level ballroom dancing competitions.

after the disappointment that was the town, we had two more at the venue. first, was the opening act. willy mason had a lovely voice and played his gibson acoustic brilliantly. however, i didn't feel like being in the mood for a ceilidh before watching one of britain's biggest rock acts. second, the music played by the sound engineer was shite as well, reminiscent to my pre-audioslave ragga experience. in fact, they did play fcukin' ragga, fer feck's sake.

radiohead got onstage about twenty to nine with everything in its right place with thom yorke singing forlornly behind the fender rhodes. soon after, the crowd went absolutely apeshit - the national anthem and 2+2=5. i've not been heaved in a crowd since the days of watching metallica in newcastle! phil selway's drumming was tight, and i wondered what was going through his mind of late, especially with the recent sudden demise of his mother.

the roadies literally pulled the rhodes on and off stage for the various songs. what got me was when they frickin' played the pyramid song. watching them perform material from the kid A and amnesiac albums live just beggars belief. jonny greenwood's twiddling of multiple stompboxes and playing the ondes martenot went to show how meticulous this band was in executing their material - how to disappear completely was just as haunting live as it is on the record.

they played a bunch of their new material (see setlist below). i have to say some of the uptempo new songs were reminiscent of the punk-esque attitude prevalent in their pablo honey stuff. going full circle perhaps? their older material were mainly from the bends and ok computer era. karma police had the entire ballroom erupting in to one big sing-along. idioteque was my favourite, and thom didn't disappoint with his ayam sakit otak dance. and yes, jonny was with his switchboard. i wonder if the neon still harbours the desire to obtain one from eBay.

i had always thought of thom as one moody individual (if you read his interviews you'd know why), but he appeared rather affable if not funny on stage. the piano camera antic during you and whose army? was one of them moments. there there ended their main set with ed o'brien and jonny G on percussions.

they played two encores, both packed with more rocking surprises from the bends. just was just the bomb. forget creep. teach you to be a holy cow, indeed. thom came out to play another new one for the second encore. to finish the set, they rocked the house with paranoid android. this set was way better than yesterday's. as the saying goes, the second night is always the better night.

i was once informed that a radiohead live show can tapau any other rock gig on the planet. it sounded like mere exaggeration at first, but with an incendiary two-hour set like this evening's, i can die happy.

by the way, i'm sure you've noticed by now how shoddy the photos are in this gig review. after doing a few reviews on this blog, i've decided for once to forsake perfectness for an evening of pure abandonment. how often do you get to watch a band of this magnitude in a 1000-capacity venue? oh, what the hell, have one on me:

Empress Ballroom, Blackpool 13.05.06 set: Everything In Its Right Place / The National Anthem / 2+2=5 / 15 Step / Morning Bell / Pyramid Song / Go Slowly / Bangers n Mash / Dollars And Cents / How To Disappear Completely / Nude / Karma Police / You And Whose Army? / Airbag / Spooks / Idioteque / There There / Encore 1: Just / Four Minute Warning / The Bends / Street Spirit / Encore 2: I Want None Of This / Paranoid Android

金曜日, 5月 12, 2006

Gonna get me a gamblin' woman

"... so if you're old and decrepit like me, you'll be right at home... if however, you're under forty, you might not recognise some of the songs we'll be playing,..."
-eric C, the world tour 2006/7 programme book

this was really on impulse. paid fifty squids and got myself a rather decent seat, considering i bought it (legally) 6 hours before the gig! eric clapton was in town, and what better way to enjoy a friday night, devoid of any more blimmin' revision!

clapton had himself some new faces in his backing band on tour. in fact some of the faces are actually 'new' - they've been playing with mr. slowhand on and off in the past. one chap whose playing i was looking forward to check out was none other than derek trucks. he fronts his own band (aptly called the derek trucks band) and is also the guitarist for the allman brothers band, following the footsteps of the late duane allman and warren hayes (now of government mule). what's more interesting is, this is the third ever collaboration of clapton with a member of the allman brothers band (duane in derek & the dominos, and chuck leavell during the eponymous MTV unplugged sesh).

the robert cray band opened the evening. i know of him, of his signature series strat and of his co-authorship of clapton's running on faith, but i really haven't listened to his stuff. they played five or six numbers, infused with the blues as opposed to it being full on. played a couple of songs (poor johnny and twenty) from their current album, twenty.

the crowd at the hallam FM arena was similar to that i saw a year ago at the cream reunion gig. the couple sat next to me was old enough to be my dad's younger brother and sister. the arena appeared packed with the occasional empty seats. in fact, a row of eight seats in front of me was empty. no obstructed view this time!

clapton and his band got up onstage at quarter to 9 prompt, belting out pretending from his journeyman album. doyle bramhall II and trucks took turns playing licks, and in my opinion, bramhall was easily upstaged by trucks, whose relaxed slide playing was way beyond his years. no offence to the son of SRV's collaborator, but it looks like derek trucks is the guitarist to watch in this tour! so tired was great, without the crying baby, which then segued to derek and the dominos' got to get better in a little while. guitar-wise, clapton switched between a black and an inca silver stratocaster throughout the gig. two tweed cornell 1x12"s were noted in the background.

clapton did a short acoustic segment midway through his set, kicking off with jimmy cox's nobody knows you when you're down and out. usual unplugged staples like running on faith (truck's slide playing was out of this world) were performed together with the newer back home.

where would clapton be without robert johnson? RJ material performed this evening included milk cow blues and little queen of spades. as promised, clapton did play a few of his older material, some of which were obscure like any day (another derek and the dominos number), the others being your usual crowd pleasers, wonderful tonight and layla. yes, the audience definitely lapped up those ones!

cocaine was definitely fantabulous, and as an encore, clapton did robert johnson's crossroads. no sunshine of your love but that's ok - i saw the real thing this time last year at the albert hall. muahahaha.

the set list hardly changed at all for this tour. i suppose that's what you get when you have different bandmates each time you tour. definitely for clapton aficionados, this gig. i know the neon would have loved it. and for those who only know clapton for tears in heaven and not much else, i'd say you'd better spend your hard-earned cash elsewhere.

Sheffield Hallam FM Arena 12.05.06 set: Pretending / So Tired / Got To Get Better In A Little While / Lost And Found / I Shot The Sheriff /Anyday / Back Home (acoustic) / I Am Yours (acoustic) / Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out (acoustic) / Milkcow Blues (acoustic) / Running On Faith (acoustic) / After Midnight / Little Queen Of Spades / Everybody Oughta Make A Change / Motherless Children / Wonderful Tonight / Layla / Cocaine / Crossroads (Encore)

*oh ya, mau tengok apa lagi saya tangkap dengan kamera digital saya di gig ini? klik sini.

If I had possession...

i did an impulse buy today. because i was bored.

and how could i forget that derek trucks will be in the band this tour! with robert cray opening as well? i'll tell y'all about it when i get back tonight from the sheffield hallam FM arena.

The facts

life as we know it, jim.

that easy, huh?

水曜日, 5月 10, 2006

What now?

read a book
play the acoustic guitar again
make a pedal board
find that woman
set up the two les pauls
lose weight
try flash photography
save to buy property
get the family over for a vacation
see the light
buy a pick at a shop on west 48th street, NYC

note: list is not in any pecking order

水曜日, 5月 03, 2006

Why we still do this

"The greater the opportunity that hospitals give us for observing rare diseases - and this applies even more to the commoner diseases - the more often am I obliged to bewail the lot of the ancient physicians, who lacked hospitals... But, if hospitals began to exist, it had been permitted to investigate diseases not only in sick persons but also in those who had died after every sickness, the advances that the medical profession would have made in the subsequent ten centuries can easily be estimated by considering the advances have been made since both kinds of examination began to be permitted, about the beginning of the 16th century."
- Morgagni, 1761

"I like to ask this question, and you might find it helpful also, 'How do you assess the quality of care given to your sickest patients, the ones who die?' Unless the A word (ie autopsy) comes out right away, they flunk."
- G.D. Lundberg, at the 29th College of American Pathologists Conference, 1996

only a few days more! then, 無秩序のkrik の胃 should be back in full swing.