日曜日, 3月 26, 2006

Moh makan!: a miscellany

not done one this year, have i? perhaps i had hinted on a couple of entries these recent months on new mouth-watering nosh-ups i've encountered.

taste cafe, ecclesall road, sheffield S11

a new-ish eaterie on trendy ecclesall road which i've read about in a restaurant mag in a thai take-away (which i will talk about in a bit!) in nottingham. i've driven by the place day in day out on the way to work and never had given the place a second glance. had a spot of brekkie with some friends before the gig last week, and it was okay. it had the ambience, and an air of exclusivity (this is S11 anyway) to it but for people who don't eat pork, the vegetarian option is pretty limited (unlike this place). still, the wild mushrooms and stilton on ciabatta i had was gorgeous - i guess, a posh take on the humble cheese toastie. seventudjoh and jimbo went for the english breakfast ciabatta sarnie which was unfortunately nothing to shout about and pinkfrog's mushroom potage looked alright (i really couldn't recall what she thought of it!). the waitresses here are hot, by the way, but that's by the by. hehe.

the dunkirk chippy, montpelier road, nottingham NG7

salt and vinegar, luv? bollocks to that. say hello to an actual thai take-away run by a chap called somwang and his wife. last night, we descended on robin hood's old hang-out to get some gai yang (thai grilled chicken). pretty much looked like the ayam you get with chicken rice, but on a heavenly scale i kid you not. who in the right mind would do an 80-mile return trip for chicken, you think. well, if i had once bemoaned the fact of how some people drive up to penang from KL for nasi kandar, i can now sympathise with them and eat humble pie! last night's tom yang goong was waaaay better then the previous visits. we also ordered beef (also halal, which is still pretty rare considering the burgeoning numbers of mushrooming halal oriental eateries here) - their neua pud gra pao (beef with basil, chilli and rebung) and neua pud nam man hoy (beef with veg in oyster sauce) were superb, albeit a tad same-ish. it is a chippy (they still sell the regular chippy fare), so you have to take out. they deliver for free, at the rate i order stuff. and when i do have it, the guys of 95 beeston road run the risk of converting their living room into a small cafe.


after a hearty dose of gai yang, the lot of us caught V for vendetta at a nearby multiplex. i thought it was a great adaptation (pity moore dissociated himself from the film, then again after watching LXG who could blame him?).

that aside, and also apart from the fact that this fine film has been reviewed ad nauseum in the blogosphere, i took a fancy to that egg and fried bread breakfast V concocted for evey.

apparently, it's called egg in a basket and some critics of the film (british ones, obviously) found it amusing why a north american-styled dish appeared as commonplace breakfast cuisine in an (in fact, two) english kitchen. quite sedap, by the way, if you really want a quick one. less than 3 minutes to make!

金曜日, 3月 24, 2006

Try, try, try

down with the lurgi again. what else is there do apart from downing aspirins but to check out harry potter's latest DVD release. i remembered the band that played at the ball, fronted by jarvis cocker (this is the second time a harry potter film had references to british rock - the third instalment had a brief glimpse of the stone roses' ian brown downing grog of some kind).

i didn't realise it until this afternoon, that the band also had two esteemed members of another britrock band, jonny greenwood and phil selway. i just couldn't believe that they would be involved in something like a harry potter film.

i also couldn't believe my (bad) luck of missing w.a.s.t.e.'s presale of radiohead's mini UK tour in may. missed it by two days, and i thought i was in their frickin' mailing list. not too late though, as i'll be joining the plebs in scrounging what's left tomorrow morning at 9 am on ticket-frickin'-master. wish me luck.

Addendum - 25.03.06, 0906 hrs

can you see this?

yeaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
take that, muthatrucka!! can-you- F-E-E-L T-H-I-S!!!??

calm the feck down, as the neon would say. need to figure out who's gonna get to come with me. jimbo, fancy coming up to a sold out show in blackpool on a saturday (may 13th)? they are standing ones, so need to keep that fitness up. hahaha.

日曜日, 3月 19, 2006

Rockin' the casbah

sharif he don't like it.

we rocked broomhall on saturday night, together with eight other bands.

go here for more pics.

金曜日, 3月 17, 2006

Alma mater* meme

*- from the latin alma mater meaning nourishing mother (epithet of certain goddesses)

thanks, idlan, for tagging me. if you did some blog-hopping, you'd realise that this meme is doing the rounds at the mo'. big time. time for me to jump on the band wagon again!

How many schools did I go to?


section 12, petaling jaya
motto: Hidup Berjasa

thanks to my late mother's request, i got to go here instead of some school in brickfields (bangsar didn't have a school then). i think i was in the year when the school had a record of having more than a 100 pupils getting 5A's for the penilaian exams (with the current exam-oriented mindset, not a tall order in this day and age, sadly, especially at such a tender age!). didn't do too well in sports, but thoroughly enjoyed galah panjang (bizarrely, we called it taichi here), the 40 cent nasi lemak and being around some of the hottest girls in town. woo hoo.

lembah sikamat, seremban
motto: Ilmu Untuk Berjasa

well, it was either this or sekolah sultan abdul samad, PJ. i was right cheesed off that i didn't get into MCKK (being the grandson of the first koleq headboy didn't exactly do wonders). looking back, not being in koleq probably was a good idea. hahaha. didn't quite like it at first, but when i got a little older, it was ok. in my days, we were good at a lot of stuff, like footie and cricket, but we kept losing to STJ in the MSSNS rugby finals. me? i was an english debater (a rubbish one at that, too) during the 1987 PPM where i got to check out some of the hottest girls in town from STF, TKC and SSP (have to, lah - to maintain my sanity, being in an all-boys school). woo hoo. again.

enniskillen, county fermanagh, northern ireland
motto: Omnes Honorate (Honour All Men)

this is a public school that was built in the 17th century and lists the likes of oscar wilde (i am aware of his works, but have not read any of his books!), Nobel prize in literature- winner samuel beckett and denis burkitt (for you medics out there: he described lymphoma presenting as a mass in the jaw of african kids) as its alumni. i was here for sixth form and got to be head of the (one and only) boarding house. yup, my first stint as an anjing prefect. it was so far away from the bright lights of london (where most of my mates got to go during half term) that all i did was study, eat and sleep. all for a good cause.

Was I the studious nerd, or the last minute hero?

i have been winning prizes all my school-going life (until i got into medical school). so, what do you think?

Was I the class ‘taiko’ or the teacher’s pet?

the teachers did like me, but i can tell you i didn't leave them a polished granny smith on the teacher's desk every single day. i guess, i was the goody two-shoes, the kid who did his homework and gets good marks. not exactly a colourful life, eh?

What was the biggest rule I broke in school?

i didn't until SPM week, when the wardens turned half a blind eye to smoking. so, i don't know if that counts. piak-ed in the school corridor for 10 seconds. my pathetic moment of glory. not exactly my proudest. oh ya, masa aku kat tingkatan enam jadi prefek, aku jual rokok marlboro yang aku beli pakai karton kat subang airport kat budak2 house aku. untung baeekk punya!

Three subjects I enjoyed

1. additional mathematics: the ever-elusive A1 grade (you need 94% and above to get that in SPM). piss-easy, if we were allowed to use calculators!
2. chemistry: KNaCaMgAlZnFeSnPbHCuHgAgAu. 'nuff said.
3. physics: the crazy ("hantu adalah gelombang elektromagnetik", "saya tak suka taugeh kerana ia menyebabkan migraine") form teacher we had in fifth form finally piqued my interest in the subject.

Three teachers that inspired me

1. GC Teo: the aforementioned physics/form teacher in SDAR with his hare-brained theories. cool as hell.
2. WM Gilfillan, PhD: my chemistry teacher at portora. has a laid-back attitude but knows his stuff really well. rides a big bike and looks like someone from hell's angels sans leathers.
3. YT Thoo: form teacher for two years at SSP. we were really scared of her (she was discipline master of sorts at school), but she was really okay. taught us maths and science, and we loved her to bits. and she still remembers me 22 years after leaving school, bless her.

now, who shall i tag? i wanna tag delirium, but his recent entry would've covered a lot of the meme questions.

oh well, here's a random list that should cover a wide age range:
1. fadh
2. jimbo
3. serih
4. adrie
5. atok

水曜日, 3月 15, 2006

Ini tidak adil!

screenshot from tenclub:

they called it a worldwide tour, and if they follow their usual touring patterns, they'll be touring europe with this album. depending on circumstances, i'm hoping to take annual leave and catch all of their UK dates when they come to these shores. join me?

oh how i wished i was in the 'states now.

月曜日, 3月 13, 2006

Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love

am i joining the ranks of lmsn's EVH phase, as per quote from the neon?

bloody 'ell. this was from my see-all, buy-all phase late last year. this lil' 27-year old non-Dunlop orange stomp box flew from new jersey to sheffield, shipped back to NJ by mistake, and back again to sheffield. can't even remember when i bought it. and... err... why i bought it. hahaha.

i will tell you when i test it tonight.

addendum: well, what can i say. the test comprised me playing the fender tele, with its signal going through the MXR and into the fender blues deluxe. no, i didn't play any signature tunes. 'cos i don't know to play any of 'em (have to really stop listening to them kelly clarkson tunes)! to the readers who don't play guitar, what this does is to make a natural tone more metallic, or "robotic", if you wanna put it that way (refer to wikipedia's take on this).

this orange box is the bomb as it sounds so damn sweet at 50%. the only phaser i have played with is the one in my GT-3. also, i haven't heard any dunlop-made MXR's to judge the apparently inferior quality many players had claimed it to be. as phasers work by virtue of signal oscillation, 100% makes it a pretty neat tremolo (my '78 mistress can do that too!). makes me wonder why i bought lmsn's voodoo lab tremolo in the first place (kiasu - i know). after ten minutes, the everyready 9-v died-ed. damn it. oh well.

i'll add soundclips when i have time.

check out where the chips come from!

金曜日, 3月 10, 2006

Beautiful Disaster

it was a good break from the monotony of rehearsals, this concert of kelly clarkson's at the sheffield hallam fm arena.

the opening act was an all-girl trio who called themselves the faders. i suppose they were the female answer to bands like mcfly and busted. they were okay-ish, performance-wise, but i didn't think much of their songs. in fact, i was struggling very hard not to look like a narcoleptic.

kelly got onstage at 9pm prompt and she rocked. actually. really. even miss independent from her debut, thankful, was a far cry from the poppish tones it exuded in the original recording. she was ably backed by a band which had a pop-rock sound was reminiscent to that of avril lavigne's. all organic, no electronics!

she did sing exceptionally well. so, nads, i have to say that was one tasty cardboard i had last night! she did a wonderful acapella version of beautiful disaster. the mariah-esque and somewhat bluesy the trouble with love is was simply superb, the high notes all there and none was missed.

she didn't sing long, much to our dismay, as the gig was just over an hour. she could've done a bit more especially with her having two albums under the proverbial belt. she sang two covers, a gorgeous rendition of annie lennox's why and a cheesy cover of cheap trick's i want you to want me (which is a cheesy number in the first place - bleurgh!).

kelly dressed in a rather simple fashion that night, saving the wardrobe theatrics for behind these hazel eyes. yeah, she wore a white wedding gown for that 'un. she played all her hits, most of which from her sophomore effort. because of you was lovely and since u been gone got some of us in a pogo-ing mood (and i got proof). after a very brief intermission, she got back onstage to sing the avril lavigne-penned breakaway as an encore.

and it really got us in the mood for the upcoming week - the already sold-out GIG@sheffield.

some of the images above are clickable.

金曜日, 3月 03, 2006

Kaki bangku

"kalau kau buat team bola untuk england, siapa kau nak letak?"
"ian rush."

-a conversation over dinner in newcastle 14 years ago


what is it with football?

i, for one, never found anything fascinating with a game where 20 people kick a ball around a grass pitch (i know got 22 one, but the goaliekeeper[sic] where got kick the ball around ah?). ever since i was a kid, i was of the sedentary type. i was, and still am (i have no qualms whatsoever to admit this) absolutely useless. kids are cruel, and when you're shite in games at the schoolyard, you're dead meat. so, it was back to my cartoon-drawing and kenner star wars action figures for me (didn't have an atari console until much later).

rtm regularly had footie at 3pm every saturday in the 70's. it was english at first then german a few years later. one english team stuck to mind then: stoke city. don't ask me why, but i don't think they were great even back then.

came 1982 and we had the world cup in spain. i remember that was the year i was 'interested' in football. ovaltine had a promo thingie where you collect stickers for the world cup finalists. maradona, zico, rossi - for someone who never really like football, that's not bad going if i could remember these soccer heroes. despite the world cup, i never had the itch to play the damn game (PE doesn't count). i did play subbuteo - that was okay although kinda weird (people still play it today. why? go play winning 11 or something lah).

we don't really watch footie on the telly at home. my dad loved man U (and changed his allegiance to the magpies when i was in medical school - no prizes for guessing why) and hated liverpool. in the rare occasions we did, i finally learned the offside rule (curi ayam). not from my dad, but from my late mom (ex-STF/state hockey player).

i remembered mexico 1986. friends sneaking off to the canteen after lights off (i think the wardens didn't really mind). i even had a classmate donning bandages around his wrist, on school days, like the fresh-faced gary lineker. and yes, i remembered the quarter finals vividly. only 'the hand of god' bit. even an idiot can tell maradona pakai tangan.

the next (and the last) time i actually sat down, watch matches on telly, and actually cheered with my housemates was eight years later - the 1994 world cup 'stateside (again - yes, it takes a tournament of such magnitude to pique my interest). i remembered the final game between brazil and italy: what a shitty way for a team to win the world cup. and i remembered how devastated roberto baggio looked that day.

the interest in footie pretty much waxed and waned for me. more waned, actually. it really depends on the crowd i hang out with. i am amazed with my friends who could describe, verbatim, matches from days long gone. how a goal was saved and the moves it took to score that winning goal. i also read blogs where people discuss footie as if they were reading a transcript from SKYsports.

i have been on english soil for the longest time and one of the questions i get asked when i go back to KL would be how great it would be to get to watch footie matches. i had to bow my head down in shame and say that i have not watched a single footie match live. not even when keegan was raising the magpies from its ashes in the 90's. and st. james' was literally setanak nasi away on foot from where i lived.

do i watch football today? what do you think?