火曜日, 6月 28, 2005

The revolution

by lmsn rds

It started off as a poor boy’s dream.

Too much had been written about it as being the most versatile guitar ever, allegedly even more versatile than a solid-bodied Stratocaster. To possess a guitar that was that unique in its physical attributes, playability or tone was a dream. I wanted an archtop, like those jazz and bluesmen. Jazz was something that I never expected to comprehend, let alone love. No real rules to it. - play it as freely as you can. Listening to cats like Tal Farlow and Joe Pass always leaves me amazed. I may never be able to play like them but nailing the tone would be within my reach.

I originally wanted an ES335, Gibson's epitome of total versatility. Also, either a Gretsch Country Gentleman or the Epiphone Sheraton II would do nicely. The steep asking prices for the Gretsch or the ES335 meant that the Epiphone Sheraton II was the only option left standing. The late great John Lee Hooker got one. His was an American-made 1964 Sheraton, while mine is just a Korean (but still retaining the Epiphone tag) knock-off which was manufactured in 2000, bought from Peter Cook’s World of Guitars. I got for like £450, which included a Hiscox hardcase. In my opinion, the choice of wood plays a lesser role in tone department unlike proper acoustics or solidbodies. The Sheraton and other Epiphone/Gibson hollowbodies do resemble more of acoustics rather than electrics. I use her for both slide and solo work, so the action must be perfectly set up for both.

My Sheraton (or Sha as I call her) bears a gorgeous tobacco sunburst finish with gold hardware, laminated maple body and back, whilst her neck is three-piece maple. Her headstock bears the recognisable Epiphone floral motif, also seen in the Joe Pass Signature Emperor. The stock Epiphone humbucking pickups were unfortunately microphonic, so I hotrodded Sha with a Seymour Duncan ’59 at the bridge and a Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro at the neck position. I also replaced was her 3-way toggle switch with a Gibson original, in addition to the original plastic knobs with golden steel round ones. For the strings, I swear by D’Addario Flat Wound XLights.

In terms of tone, none of my other guitars could compare to Sha's. Sha emanates a somewhat instant shimmering warmth once plugged into my Marshall TSL half-stack. I may not play that much jazz (yeah, right you are –Ed.) but Sha’s tone is definitely pure smooth jazz. Tweaking of her tone knobs when played thru a TS808, her superbly responsive tone, I dare say, is reminiscent of Ian Anderson’s riffs in Jethro Tull's Aqualung. On the other hand, plugged to a good clean amp like the Fender Deluxe Reverb II, jamming to songs by John Mayall and Freddy Robinson makes you feel like you are one the boys on the record. She sounds sweet plugged and unplugged. I never played her on a live set but the neon had that privilege the last time when The Desperados played at the MASSOC annual dinner at Sheffield's Cutlers Hall.

* click here for Sha's full specs.

update: sha's current modifications. in more ways than one.

lmsn rds is currently employed with an international medical equipment firm in kuala lumpur. when not gigging in the woods of borneo, he ventures into the rivers of deep negeri sembilan for hand-fishing. or sometimes tasik kenyir for the elusive ikan gajah.

金曜日, 6月 24, 2005

Sugar on the asphalt

there are two ways to enjoy a gig, in my opinion. one way is to see a band that you love, where you know all the songs back to front (including rareties only available on japanese imports). the other is to go to a gig blind, check out the music and hope that you come out of it a new fan of the band. i saw jimmy eat world last night, and my experience was somewhat of the latter.

i know of them as an emo band that had the video with the semi-naked sweaty chicks partying in a house (the middle, the song which was covered by my mate, huzaimi, at the newcastle gig in 2002). jimbo then gave me their current (fourth) effort, futures, as a birthday present, which was put in the backburner as i preferred their bleed american stuff (my only other JEW CD). it wasn't until last month, that i took the time to check futures out only to find that it is a superb album. so, when i found out that they were coming to sheffield, i grabbed three tix as soon as i could. no regrets, whatsoever!

the night kicked off with apartment, a band from london. they were pretty good. they would pretty much belong to the current 80's-ish dance/rock genre a la franz ferdinand. in a nutshell, i would describe them as a band that has the musical sensibilities of U2 and simple minds and a frontman that has the vocal swagger of morrissey. NME described their sound akin to the likes of joy division and new order. sama lah tu. the first thing that struck me, however, was that the bassist played the same fender jazz like i do, tortoiseshell pickguard and rosewood neck and all. minor point. hehe. pity that the guitar amp had some problems and they had to cut short their set. they coped well with that handicap in their final song of their set.

jimbo told me that JEW was gonna have their cabs faced towards the back of the stage. i have no idea what that'll do. the amps were miked up anyway, and it wouldn't really matter if they had the amps stowed away on the equipment truck. it looked cool anyway.

jim adkins came out solo singing what i think was table for glasses. nice slow tempo to get the evening going.

jim had a goldtop (for the rest of the evening, he played his customary black LP studio) while tom linton had a LP standard. backline-wise, jim had a marshall half-stack whilst tom played his SG through an orange head and an unknown 4x12. rick burch was on stage right providing the bottom end with the occasional backing vocals. zach lind had a drumming stance that looked so neil peart to me. the next song proved to be somewhat interesting.

they played bleed american, my favourite JEW track ever.

i knew they were gonna play that when i saw the roadie brought out tom's cherry SG. the thing is, i have not been in a mosh pit for quite some time. every time i go to a gig with friends, i would be assigned the wallet/drumstick/glasses holder whilst they would go slamdancing/bodysurfing. we were slap bang in the middle of the crowd last night and with the opening dropped D chords we were sucked into the mosh vortex. it was nuts.

it felt great anyway, despite me clutching on to my digicam, wallet, cellphone and souvenir tee, let alone to dear life. and all i knew was salt, sweat, sugar on the asphalt. the rest of the chorus (let alone the song) was just nananana.

they played quite a few songs from clarity (i only got the limewire copy. hehe.). when they played the opening chords to believe in what you want, the girls next to me were screaming their heads off. backstreet boys? where? they also played blister, lucky denver mint, sunday and definitely clarity (the drums were unmistakeable).

jim jokingly asked if the crowd was still into def leppard. i was half-expecting the band to play a leppard cover which, thankfully, they didn't. they also apologised for the cancellation of their performance at the upcoming leeds festival in august as they will be opening for green day on their USA tour. sod festivals. nothing beats watching a band in a small venue like the octagon, man.

the only static prevails song that i could remember they played was seventeen. the thing with emo music, as eloquently explained to me by jimbo the emo-meister, was a typical quiet-loud-quiet component in the song dynamics, with an easy nananana sing-along chorus. formulaic as it sounds, it bloody works. even i could easily join in on the o-oh o-oh o-o-ooh's on listening to the chorus in work.

the middle was another bleed american favourite that they played... err... in the middle of their main set. the simple solo pull-offs were just the bomb. futures was another great jumping and anthemic tune (by then, i could only afford to do the alternative shuffle - see audioslave gig review, -ed.). 23 brought the crowd back to calm mode.

they came back with two songs for the encore. pain from futures was just a crowd rouser. the buildup during the verse followed by the pogo-tastic chorus - takes my pain away!

like the gig that jimbo and ash went to, sweetness was played as the finale. this is emo at one of its formulaic finest.

i came out of the gig with a couple of things in my mind. one: gendut is alright! black short-sleeved collar shirt and a gibbo LP. suara aje tadak. hahaha. the other: my LP standard has been dusted and i've learnt bleed american and the middle note-for-note. sapa mau jam?

i did a little reference to emo in this old entry. also, for more info on emo, go here. this site is not in any way affiliated to the neon.

日曜日, 6月 19, 2005

Brideshead Morecambe revisited

"...sahya ahmat berbahngga dahpart parder hahree eeni burrchereetur sedeekit tentang purrchooteean sahya dee lancaster. minta maaf jeekurr pertuturan sahya sedikit... ahpa itu... you know, difficult to comprehend? owh yes... mengelirookahn. yes, indeed. makloomlah. saya soodah burrada dee england soodah enahm belahs tahoon ya?

"sahya beloom purrnah menjurjack kahkee sahya di bahndar lancaster dan morecambe. sahya lebih sooker burrchootee di daerah sepurrti di cotswolds dahn the lake district. kerahna dee sahna teedahk ahda oreng-oreng low class. oooh. sahya maymang teedak guhmar itu chavs, you know? seteeburrnya sahya di morecambe, kahmi terus purrgi ke windermere. hahti sahya sungguh gembeera kerana bowhlay purrgi jaooh dahree kahwasan chav itoo. purrjahlanan hahnya mengambil err... 45 minutes. cuaca hahree sabtoo itoo sungguh baik surkahlee. the sun was absolutely gorgeous! sahyang suhrkalee sahya loopa membahwa tohpi panama sahya. kahlau ada lurrbih mahsa, sahya pahtut mencadahngkahn soopahya kiturr membawa picnic basket, yes? a glass of pimm's would go down very well... err... di hahri yahng chantek sebegeeni.surlepahs mahkan ice cream, kahmi bertolahk ke lancaster for some dinner. mahkanahn india di restaurant sultan of lancaster sungguh lahzart surkalee. walaupoon surrdeekit... how do you say hot? purr-dahs. yes. walaupoon purrdahs, sahya turtahp rahsur ahyam madras mereka sungguh succulent.

"pahdurr aysohk hahrinya, kahmi ke morecambe kurahna ada flea market. owh, sahya jarang ke tempaht-tempaht sepurrti eeni. sahya rasa mahcharm shopping di oxfam, you know? sahya selalu memburrli clothes sahya di knightsbridge. walaubahguymahnapoon, sahya memburrli CD sting. sound lyrics from such a brilliant chap, i say! kahmi poon berarnsoor... is that right? berarnsoor ke morecambe town untuk mengambil ahngin laut yahng soongguh nyahman. reminds me of my public school days in brighton! kahmee bergarmbar dengan pahtung eric morecambe, seowreng pelahwak yahng soodah meninggahl doonia. di sitoo, terdahpart seboowah kedai buku-buku lahma. that chap who runs the shop is very bright indeed! dia bowleh ingart di mahna dia seemparn all the books. i'm sure he'll get into oxford tarnpa soosah-paryah. rakan-rakan sahya membeli booku. saya? owh. sahya teedark ahda marsa kerahna bahnyak booku di roomah yang beloom di bahca.

"petang itoo kahmi pun kembahli ke lancaster oontuk birthday barbecue rahkan saya. mahkanan sungguh bahnyak dan semuanya lahzat surrkali. sejam kemudian, hujan poon turoon. kahmi poon lahri burrtempiaran. ini mungkin kerana hahri isnin tennis in wimbledon ahkan bermoola. reminds me that i should call rupert for tickets. where was i? owh ya. walaupoon hoojan, kami burrteduh di tepi quadrangle dan menikmati the most scrumptious chocolate birthday cake ever. compliments to the chef, i say. rah! petang itu, surlepahs makan like itu you know... sahya poon meminta deeri untook bahlik ke sheffield. boolan durrpahn, kahmi ahkan burrjoompa di kota london. that is such a splendid idea!"

it is not known whether this account of a weekend break was made by the same malaysian man interviewed by TV3 in front of the royal albert hall before the recent siti nurhaliza concert.

金曜日, 6月 17, 2005

My list - what's yours?

i was enjoying some lovely barbecued steak one sunday afternoon when someone asked me berapa ratus gig have i been to. i've been to a few, but the number's not in the hundreds i'm sure. i used to make a record of the gigs i went to in my filofax but the list stopped in mid-2000. i also used to write little gig reviews for ROTTW and they'd give me a free copy for my trouble. now, with this blog, i prefer to write my reviews here.

so, who have i had the pleasure to see perform?

25.03.89 EUROPE/? -the brighton centre
25.11.89 AEROSMITH / balaam & the angel -king's hall, belfast
18.12.90 IRON MAIDEN / anthrax -wembley arena
04.08.91 SEARCH -stadium negara, KL
28.10.92 METALLICA -whitley bay ice rink
27.05.93 RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE / TOOL / wool -the mayfair, newcastle
25.10.93 VAI / the wild frontier -city hall, newcastle
10.12.95 JOE SATRIANI /? -wembley arena, london
07.10.96 METALLICA / corrosion of conformity -newcastle arena
23.11.96 DEF LEPPARD / terrorvision -newcastle arena
04.04.97 M NASIR -royal northern college of music, manchester
15.04.97 LIVE / catherine wheel -the civic hall, wolverhampton
24.09.97 NO DOUBT / symposium / the vandals -brixton academy, london*
15.10.97 JEWEL / simon warner -the irish centre, birmingham
17.10.97 BUSH / 3 colours red -aston villa leisure centre, birmingham*
04.12.97 BLACK SABBATH / fear factory -NEC arena, birmingham*
01.03.98 DEFTONES / will haven / dubwar -the civic hall, wolverhampton*
22.04.98 TURA SATANA / will haven / psycore -JB's, dudley
21.05.98 SOULFLY / LIMP BIZKIT / cold -the civic hall, wolverhampton*
28.11.98 SEPULTURA / psycore -rock city, nottingham*
06.04.99 SILVERCHAIR / FUEL / fungus -rock city, nottingham
18.05.99 SYSTEM OF A DOWN / spineshank / static-X -rock city, nottingham
20.05.99 SOULFLY / kill II this / medulla nocte -the foundry, sheffield
08.09.99 MEGADETH / earthtone 9 -rock city, nottingham
05.12.99 LIVE / muse -town & country club, leeds
27.04.00 PANTERA / powerman 5000 / satyricon -the apollo, manchester*
04.06.00 PEARL JAM / the vandals -MEN arena, manchester*
15.06.00 SLAYER / entombed -rock city, nottingham
17.10.00 DREAM THEATER /porcupine tree -the octagon, sheffield
31.10.00 THE SMASHING PUMPKINS / catherine wheel -the apollo, manchester*
14.08.01 U2 / kelis -NEC arena, birmingham
22.08.01 STONE TEMPLE PILOTS / boyhitscar -rock city, nottingham*
21.11.01 BUSH / vex red -rock city, nottingham
-planet hollywood, KL
30.01.02 STAIND / puddle of mudd -nottingham arena*
04.03.02 TRAVIS / doves -sheffield arena*
08.05.02 BOB DYLAN -newcastle arena*
09.07.02 HOOBASTANK / ? (re-scheduled date?) -rock city, nottingham
10.07.02 OASIS / ? -newcastle arena
07.09.02 KORN / puddle of mudd / trustCO. -london arena
02.11.02 A HUNDRED REASONS / sparta / kinesis -the octagon, sheffield
06.11.02 FOO FIGHTERS / cave in -newcastle arena
03.04.03 PLACEBO / ? -the octagon, sheffield
12.04.03 LIFEHOUSE / ?(some woman!) -academy, manchester
19.12.03 METALLICA / godsmack -earls court, london
27.04.04 DURAN DURAN / scissor sisters -sheffield arena
05.05.04 BRITNEY SPEARS / jc chasez / wicked wisdom -the NIA, birmingham
06.06.04 INCUBUS / a hundred reasons -newcastle arena
29.06.04 G3 -royal concert hall, nottingham
15.09.04 RUSH -NEC arena, birmingham
12.10.04 AVRIL LAVIGNE / simple plan -sheffield arena
29.11.04 THE DARKNESS / ASH / do me bad things -newcastle arena
02.05.05 CREAM -royal albert hall, london
05.06.05 AUDIOSLAVE / and you will know from the trail of dead -the civic hall, wolverhampton
23.06.05 JIMMY EAT WORLD / apartment -the octagon, sheffield *UPDATED*

? - i simply can't remember who/what band supported the headliner
* - reviewed in ROTTW

trundling through the list made me notice a few things:
- the obvious vacuum during an important era of 90's rock music, ie the grunge / alternative years. and no, i don't wanna talk about it!
- i only watched a measly total of four gigs in the UK during my university years.
- i saw one gig for every 40 days in 2002.
- a number of the support acts i saw are headliners today (limp bizkit, muse)
- two of the venues do not exist anymore. the newcastle mayfair is now the gate. the leeds town & country club has also been torn down.
- i actually went to dudley to watch a gig (i met the lead singer of will haven there!).

i don't want to turn this into a meme, but if any of you out there have a list of gigs you have seen and enjoyed, i'd love to check it out!

火曜日, 6月 14, 2005

I'm not afraid of dying

they took a fine time to decide on a reunion. as speculated previously, they've finally decided to play together putting the differences they had with roger waters (a difference "petty" enough to put behind as quoted by david gilmour). would it mean i would have joined in the foray of sending 1000 texts a minute to try win a pair of tickets?

probably not, but the prices on eBay would definitely go up further.

play earls court lah, messrs. gilmour, waters, mason and wright. i'd pay £100 per ticket if needs be. hehe.

月曜日, 6月 13, 2005

Buku-buku ku

the vitriolic nads has landed me with a book meme. it couldn't have arrived at a worse time. book-wise, i'm on a hiatus.

i don't know what it is. MRCPath exam revision? my anal retentiveness in sorting out the added info (with CD cover to boot) in the hundreds of downloaded music on my iTunes? my still spanking new desktop (which i pay more attention to then the now semi-defunct SKY decoder)? whatever it is, it took me months to finish the last book i read. anyways, no apologies if you think this is the worst meme you'd ever read in a blog. probably because it damn well is!

How many books do I own?
a pitiful 163. i actually did a count of the stuff i have on my bookshelves (and the toilet). and this count includes my pathology text, cookbooks and the odd graphic novels. they are still books in my book (hey!). magazines not included lah.

The last book I bought?
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & other stories by Tim Burton. yes, that tim burton. this is a collection of simple poems short of a dirty limerick. twisted as the gnarled tree branches in his films, dark as the gotham city he envisaged. i wish i can say more, as i have only read like two chapters (each two pages long) last night. stick boy on fire! stick boy on fire!

oh ya. the murakami in the sidebar? also a book of shorts. residing currently in the laundry basket next to the royal bog.

The last book I read?

Life of Pi by Yann Martel. read about it here. haha.

Five books that mean a lot to me?

aiyo. i just read them lah.

1. Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road by Neil Peart. after a devastating life event that occurred last april (which coincided with the birth of this blog), i started to read this well-written post-death-of-daughter-then-wife-trauma travel memoir by the drummer of rush. it showed me that if you think you have it bad, some people are much worse off. his story had a happy ending. i don't see mine yet. this review of mine masuk book review blog ooo. hahaha.

2. Mat Som by Lat. okay, by all accounts this isn't strictly a book, but it is such a good yarn. lat wrote (and drew, obviously) very well on this semi-autobiographical story of a part-time arts columnist for a local newspaper in KL. and this was the book that sparked my interest in sastera melayu moden. i never get tired from re-reading it (i don't have the english version) to this very day. i love it because i see a lot of myself in som. part dreamer, part realist and trying his very hard to get by.

3. The Three Little Pigs by Joseph Jacobs. this grade 1 ladybird book was my first ever english read as a 5-year old. i learnt to read it with all the different voices (as per mama's instructions). no, i don't read like that anymore, if you are wondering.

4. The Wind-up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami. i was introduced to murakami by my mate, leQ. like the protagonist, i lead a mundane life peppered with disasters (i better stop opening myself up to you lot now. haha.). it's bad enough i get through a day in a daze, but reading the bird chronicle on top of it? forget illicit drugs, man. his other book, sputnik sweetheart, was much more sober.

5. Two Faces by Syed Husin Ali. the fastest read i have ever done on a book. this was about detention under the ISA after the student riots in the early 1970's. way better than raja petra's books on the same subject matter. scared the bejesus out of me. 'nuff said.

now i am to pass this to five others. i say, why don't any of you pembaca budiman do the meme on your blogs as i really can't think of anyone at the moment. yo, lisa o queen of books and all that is kundera :) ! pick yin? idlan? anuarF? have you guys done one? i'll be surprised if you guys haven't! satu lagi orang woi!
footnote: to the avid reader of this blog (if there's any), this list is different from that seen here. they were good reads but may not mean much to me personally.

土曜日, 6月 11, 2005

Calon isteri

to any interested women fitting this profile, send me five copies of your curriculum vitae (three referees). no time wasters, please.

note: i've got ways to make you girls think i look like brad pitt. so, don't worry.

and guys, you can keep your natalie portman. fake or otherwise.

月曜日, 6月 06, 2005


yesterday i did two things that i've not done in a long time. one was revisiting wolverhampton, a city in the northwest tip of birmingham. the civic hall was a medium-sized venue for many bands whenever they come to play the west midlands. another was to see a band made up of 75% of rage against the machine (whom i saw in newcastle way back in '93) and the lead singer of the now defunct soundgarden (one of the two seattle bands i regretted not to watch in my student days - no prizes for guessing which other seattle band that is!).

i arrived a little late. managed to catch the last two songs of the opening band, ...and you will know us by the trail of dead, which was absolutely shite. don't get me wrong. i listen to heavy music a lot, and yesterday was absolutely rubbish. no apologies offered to any AYWKUBTTOD fans reading this. also, whilst waiting for the usual rigmarole that was stripping down the opening act's equipment and the final soundcheck of the headliner, i just wonder if the front of house engineer of some gigs just love to take the piss. they had frickin' bob marley on. i don't mind the odd ragga, but for fcuk's sake not before effin' audioslave. jay-zuss (to paraphrase the neon)!! the last time i had the pleasure to see this kind of disparity was at a megadeth gig at the rock city in nottingham and at U2 where they had "milkshake" kelis as an opening act. please. not again.

lights down. crowd erupted. the opening scales to your time has come made the crowd go apeshit. this time, the familiar cochise-oid riff is forgiven. damn, man. chris cornell's singing is simply sublime. he doesn't scream. he sings high notes loud for the next one and a half hours. he does have a larynx of the gods. and if any of you starts going, "oh, but chester bennington can sing sooo much better", you will be hearing from me.

tom morello had his soul power strat slung up high and was performing his fret and stompbox gymnastics, together with his leaps and occasionally stepping up on the monitors with his fist in the air. just superb.

no apologies offered again if i can't remember the setlist in the exact sequence. i don't carry notepads at gigs. hehe.

cornell was seen to be bonding pretty well with the crowd (apparently, he was more subdued in his soundgarden days).

"well, we're gonna do a song that some of you may have heard of. most of you were probably belted up in the child seat at the back when this came out."

and they played spoonman. geez! i could see people in the over-29 demographic going mental. i've not banged my head for donkey's years. had to do the alternative shuffle (go watch the simpson's episode where they had the smashing pumpkins as guests at homerpalooza, and you will understand) too. haha. morello had his les paul out for this one.

gasoline was another absolute bomb. that middle repetitive guitar lick, man. with brad wilk's drumming in the back. "i have found another waaaAAAAAAAYYYYYYY...." . then heads bobbed/banged. that is the only way i can describe the exhilirating feeling i had. cornell then left the stage briefly.

wowwow. wakka wowwow. wakka wakka wakka.

the remaining three being the original RATM members did the middle bit of bulls on parade. zack, wherever you are, we had to sing your parts, man. why oh why did you leave the band, dagnammit. and morello was toggling the pickup switch whilst his left hand slided up and down the fretboard (lmsn, you bastard, how the hell you learnt that trick!!!). and yes, he played his 'arm the homeless' ibanez hybrid. the same guitar i saw 12 years ago.

Sleep now in the fire.

cornell then joined them back onstage and did an audioslave rendition of sleep now in the fire. timmy C's basslines just made my shoulder do the judderman. it was strange to see cornell 'rap' (he kinda 'talks', if you know what i mean). he did well, if i should say so myself. my voice was hoarse after that number.

like a stone. the whammy pedal-ladened solo was played with just the fretting hand (lmsn, pegi prektis, kiasu man you). 'nuff said.

one of the evening's highlight was in the second half of the performance. cornell came onstage with his acoustic guitar. i thought to myself, "thank god he's not going to do a solo rendition of like a stone like the CD...". yup, he didn't. he played black hole sun. i could have just cried. trembling with joy. and if that wasn't enough, he played call me a dog. before that he had to tune the guitar back to standard tuning. "sorry about this. it's really difficult to get this tuned perfect. just pretend you're watching the telly or somethin'", he joked. to any of you budak-budak yang baru start dengar nirvana post-cobain's death, this is a song from the temple of the dog (1991 pearl jam + cornell post-mother love bone outfit). cornell's voice was so soulful. i was almost in tears when he got to the chorus where he sang:

"...but when it's my time to throw the next stone
i'll call you beautiful
if i call at all."

i would gladly pee in my pants there and then. please note the operative word: would.

cornell then started off with i am the highway. the rest of the band joined in soon after, at the second chorus. timmy did the backing vocals on most of the tracks sung tonight. for the first time, i could make out the lower harmonies for highway, only to forget it like 1 hour later when i was in the car. dang. the stage was lit up like stars. beautiful. the second set had a few more songs from exile (which i hadn't had a chance to really revise - sekali/dua kali harung on the motorway mana cukup, bro').

further rocking ensued with show me how to live. more toggling on the soul power here, and not forgetting that ring modulation that followed soon after. i just love it when you get to see how they produce the seemingly impossible in front of your very eyes. and do you wanna know how cornell got to do that thing with his voice, at the coda of the song, live? he does mild karate chops to his throat for that desired effect. gila. #1 zero saw morello shredding on his soul power (he shredded in some of his RATM songs anyway). we were like, whoa. this man is no one-trick pony. and i think they played man or animal. i think. hehe.

cornell was thanking the audience for showing their support and paid respects to the fans that believed in their music. i do hope they will still go on. having a sophomore effort reaffirms the possibility that this amalgamation ain't just for show to make a quick buck. here's to hoping. cornell then made fun of the people seated at the balcony section. "stand the fuck UP!!!". he didn't just asked them to do that for no reason.

power chords, followed by that bassline. and the cowbells.

killing in the name was the pinnacle of the evening's performance. even the old(er) fogeys rocked. cornell pulled it off quite well. the angst that was zack de la rocha wasn't there (when i saw RATM, the people in the moshpit had bleeding noses), but we didn't care a bit. morello abusing his maple-necked tele for the solo wasn't a tiring sight to behold.

"fuck you! i won't do what you tell me!"

and the crowd obliged with the "muthafucka!" reply with much aplomb. great or what.

the palm-muted helicopter riff followed suit. cochise was just ace. cornell wasn't as garang as lmsn. great song but it didn't match the intensity of killing. then again they need to finish with an audioslave song, i suppose. hahaha. they really know how to wrap a rocking show.

hands down, the best gig i've been to this year (sorry, clapton and friends).

resolutions made, post-audioslave gig:

1. body macam cornell

2. increase lower limb strength to leap like morello

3. get a sunburst jazz bass with black pickguards (i heard they alter the tone. hahahaha) and a maple fingerboard

the first two is achievable, on top of the incentive of eyeing up the three new female personal trainers, at the gym. the third one? well. i need to learn the skills of bank robbery first.

kepada sesiapa yang berminat, sila klik noktah di bawah ini untuk satu surprise.

Tesco presents (?)...

The best post-alt-rock outfit since the Foo Fighters. Live tonight.

now i don't feel too bad missing the DEWA gig at the KL tower.

日曜日, 6月 05, 2005


Lepak agung.

one late summer's night, outside stephenson hall.

eh, chord dia A minor kan?

"Pada semua...
Rindu... rindu serindu-rindunya
Namun engkau tak mengerti
Pilu... pilu sepilu-pilunya..."

beb, tak best. main yang ni la.

chord apa?

A minor.

Di mahligai mainan
Kita bina bersama
Dari dahan yang rapuh..."

eh. bosan lah. tu kangkang punya zaman tu. baik main ni.

A minor jugak aku rasa ni.

"Engkau bagai air yang jernih
Di dalam bekas yang berdebu
Zahirnya kotoran itu terlihat
Kesucian terlinding jua..."

kangkang konon. kasi A minor lagi?


selamat hari jadi, bro'!

土曜日, 6月 04, 2005


Bleedin' brilliant. And I haven't even read the comicbook!

...you banyak pandai urut aaa nancy?

i am not familiar with frank miller's work at all. in the times i ventured into forbidden planet, i've seen miller's batman covers and sin city. the past twenty years, after comics (or graphic novels, ahem!) have undergone a renaissance, where it's no longer simple stories of a caped crusader ka-poWW-ing raccoon-masked robbers of the city's first national bank, you need to be a fan to really keep yourself up-to-date with the titles you have out there. we went to watch the film late last night. i was going to simply watch jessica alba gyrate her sweet tush devon aoki wield her katanas jaime (ex-james) king in the buff what robert rodriguez and frank miller (with some help from QT!) had conjured up. three partially non-linear stories set in basin city, showed in the way as you see in the comics. it's a real-life ultra-violent comic book story that just blew my mind away. i've never felt this stoked while watching a film. machine gun-wielding prostitutes, woman-eating taxidermists (elijah wood as you've never seen before!) and better jaw prosthetics than those seen in the days of dick tracy.

i won't say anything more. seriously, go watch it (or get the durian if you're in malaysia, as i heard the film is banned).

木曜日, 6月 02, 2005

It's not the east or the west side!

I'm your father! I'm your father!

if you haven't seen this, check it out, homies. just click on the darth dude.

addendum: i know there's a lot of star wars-related short videos out there, but this one is cute! (cheers, dzamir!).