日曜日, 2月 27, 2005

Moh makan!(part 8): Noodles, again (but in London this time)

saturday was cold and a tad wet. it was ash's birthday weekend and it ended being more of a melahap weekend, instigated by yours truly. the morning began barely less than 15 minutes on arrival from st. pancras at my current favourite london makan place, nahar cafe. nasi lemak, karipap, kueh lopes (sorry, is that how you spell it?) and teh tarik. and kuih keria (eat your heart out, krispy kreme) to go. hoho.

Lorong kecil di tengah kota.what's really nice on a cold wet afternoon? hot sex soup. jim and ash introduced me to this little place called C&R tucked away in rupert court, which was like one of the many back alleys in soho. it felt a little cramped, but i suppose it adds to the atmosphere. ash told me about an indonesian presence amongst the patrons and true enough, one of the bigger tables were occupied by what could've been the cast of 30 hari mencari cinta. the proprietor's malaysian and i think they have they best fresh soya bean drink this side of westminster. you know how it is with some london eateries claiming to be malaysian, when all they serve appears to have been conveniently made in the yeo hiap seng cannery. well, not this place. ash had this gorgeous tom yam soup with mee hoon, and they didn't stinge on the amount of sotong and udang one little bit. i opted for mee siam sans taugeh (that was good as it meant the meal were actually made to order) whilst jim went for the seafood nasi goreng. don't be fooled by the anaemic nature of the pics shown below. the serving's generous and i didn't mind it one bit when the bill came to a few squids shy of 25. this is central london anyway.

Tom yam meehoonMee siamNasi goreng


saturday was otherwise spent at the regent street apple store, where, again, i walked out empty handed. this time with a bloody good reason. i'll tell ya more about it, say, this coming weekend? whilst in soho, neither of the larger chinese serupamarkets had any kaya in stock. shame on you! as per request, we bought some ingredients so i could make this for sunday brunch.

happy birthday!

金曜日, 2月 25, 2005

You're no fucking Elvis!

for the first time in 6 years, i jammed on filey street once again.

the old jamming hole that was number 27 is no more, with it being renovated into a two-flat house and the basement sealed. since then, it was either karen's rehearsal rooms off west street, firr's basement or the neon's room at brunswick.Rasa macam pernah lihat gitar ini, tapi di mana yah? playing at filey street reminded me of the days when we were young(er)*, when jam sesh-es went on until 2am (this time it was midnight unless we want the cops to come knocking on the door) followed by chilling with tea-like diluted nescafe O, marlboros and southern fried chicken.

there is a current crop of six guys who at the moment are pretty active, two of whom are churning out original material day in and day out. jamming with them meant i had to revisit material i have long forsaken. age is catching up with me, no doubt about it. best moment of the evening? playing incubus' circles and megalomaniac as a three-piece.

we just need a brandon boyd soundalike now.

*talk of another gig in sheffield? we'll just have to see.

水曜日, 2月 23, 2005

The Filey Street Guitar Hall of Fame: Yeah yeah yeah!

Definitely not just the case, mate.this is a despicable tale. one evening in a dingy room in north london, we were getting ready for our second ever gig. as we were stashing our gear in one corner, i saw this brown gibson hardcase amongst the guitar cases piled across the room. in true sour grapes mode, i went , "hah. ini case aje kot...".

this tennessee-hewn piece of mahogany is owned by wan "yeah yeah yeah!" adrie, a mate of ours who was studying engineering in sheffield a few years back (well known amongst our circle for his "business, love? no, engineering" story). he and his housemates (for the life of me, i can't remember what they called themselves) were churning out original tunes at that gig in london, and gave a stupendous performance with great audience participation, despite being the first band onstage. when asked on why he chose to play the guitar, the prompt reply was, "slash!". yes.

his gibson SG standard seen here is a rightie, but adrie is a southpaw. not just any old southpaw, but a typical melayu* southpaw. in the old days, lefthanded guitarists learnt to play the guitar using right-handed ones. the lower gauged top strings would then be the bottom strings, and so forth. unlike uncle jimi who strung his rightie strats the leftie way, meaning a new nut and setup to account for the reversal of string tension blah de-blah. if i'm not mistaken, guys like man keedal and joe of wings play the guitar the melayu style (trabye, can you confirm? -ed.)

the SG has a gorgeous tone despite the lightness/thinness of the mahogany as compared to the chunkier les paul. it has the same 498T/490R humbucker combo as the pre-2002 les paul standard. and if you remember lmsn rds' entry on the guild, they do share similar traits. i remembered when he left his SG with me for a couple of weeks and it was a joy to play. had to be extra careful that time though, as the vintage-styled kluson machinehead for the G string was buggered. gibson only sold them in threes, and i was lucky to get just the one for him from this guitar repairman-cum-luthier in newcastle.

being a typical gibbo, these guitars are 'easier' (strat players would know what i mean). the last time i saw this guitar rocked onstage was the 1999 sheffield gig. it was a memorable set, where they went metal full on. what with lmsn rds singing screaming "the police! the police!" on a sepultura cover (this story will be in another upcoming entry).

* so that southpaws get to just pickup a righthanded instrument and perform in circumstances like band orang kahwin.

signature tune: back in black by ac/dc

火曜日, 2月 22, 2005

Jazz cat solo

Not available at your nearest record store."Surfacing out of nowhere, from the posh streets of Taman Tun Dr. Ismail is a breed of 'new jazz'. Some call it 'progressive jazz'. Never since the release of Bitches Brew has the jazz world been shocked by such sublime artistry and bold overstatement.

Composed of a few strays living it up in the bright neon lights of the city, who better to lead a revolution than the Big Jazz Cat and the Flying Jazz Angler themselves. This time around with the help of His Royal Highness and His flamboyant cast of men from The Kingdom of MahaJazz, Neon Radius and The King Mahafaizal Quartet look set to paint
the town cool.

Citing a latitude of influences ranging from John McLaughlin, Joe Pass and Pat Metheny, these cats find it all coming together when they play material none other by the great Miles Davis. The aptly titled single, Just A Miles Away, is a testament to what the future of jazz holds.

We can just pray and hope that The Gods of Jazz don't mind the blasphemy.

Do I hear an amen?

- Jazz Cuisine Monthly, February 2005"


Just A Miles Away by Neon Radius & The King Mahafaizal Quartet
©2005 Karya Merah Mentari

Lmsn Rds - electric guitar
The Neon - 12-string acoustic guitar
King Mahafaizal - bass
Jess 'The Squid' Terr - drums
Blackjack - flute
Roy 'Al' Keys - Hammond B3
and featuring Prakash Mahaganja on the tabla

日曜日, 2月 20, 2005

Moh makan!(part 7): Bandung mania

Mak! Kawan datang. Makan!i had some friends over on saturday for some lunch. made mee bandung. i've done it a few times before, courtesy of this book i got when i went back to kl a year back. it's a great book which has almost all the usual kind of food that you get in a restoran or gerai. after making it a couple of times, i find mee bandung pretty easy to make. it's basically a bastardisation of prawn mee, as you make it out of beef stock as well. with eggs to boot. also, one of the reasons i chose to cook this was the fact our local meat supplier had halal beef, which is not a common occurrence in this part of town. and they sell their king prawns relatively cheap too.

Cara membuatnya, puan-puan.

made the kuah on friday night. that means it'll be more kow on saturday, with all the beef juices seeping into its surrounding milieu that is a combo of blended tomatoes, chillis, udang kering, bawang besar and garlic. *leleh* used baby spinach instead of sawi (can't stand the damn thing). garnish the mee with some bawang goreng, chopped spring onions and red chilli. squeeze a little lime and we were all good to go. and in the spirit of it, we had sirap bandung to quench our parched throats.


i told you friday's entry below was a preamble.

Reference: Nordin NZ, Seow FBH. Mee Bandung. In: The New Malaysian Cookbook. Petaling Jaya: Preston, 2001; 101.

金曜日, 2月 18, 2005

Moh makan!(part 6): A noodle soup preamble

can anyone hazard a guess what the recipe for this fantabulous-tasting oriental noodle dish is?

木曜日, 2月 17, 2005


by the neon

cocaine n. a drug used in medicine to prevent pain and also used illegally, often in the form of white powder which is breathed in through the nose

Cocaine is also a song popularised by Eric Clapton, originally written by J. J. Cale, an Oklahoma blues guitarist. I could dramatise the whole motivation behind the name, but I honestly don’t have a good script.
Click to enlarge I bought her second-hand off eBay, and while waiting for the auction to end, I had my Slowhand album playing on the stereo. That was that.

I had her shipped from Japan and was surprised she didn’t arrive at my doorstep with a broken neck. She is a 70’s reissue Stratocaster in, what Fender deems, candy apple red. Personally, it reminds me of blood more than apples. Call me crazy but it’d be interesting to see a QT-like director shoot a similar Mia Wallace scene using blood-red cocaine instead. It’d be tougher to differentiate coke from real blood dripping from the nose. What am I doing here? I actually have a wussy-low tolerance for blood. Need a breather sekejap… phew.

She is crafted in Japan as opposed to being made in Japan, which makes no difference whatsoever.Candle apple red haze. Now here’s the dilemma, it says that the CIJ label was used from mid-‘97 onwards. However, a check against the serial number of my Stratocaster suggested that she is a ’93 or a ’94, but the site author did say that dating Fender instruments is an inexact science, so I’ll see her as a ’93. hehe. She has the unmistakable big headstock as the symbol of ‘70s CBS-era glory and the lovely rosewood fretboard gives her a sombre tone – very different from Eleanor’s bright and chime-y sound.

Since I bought her used, the description on eBay was she has the usual nicks and scratches. What the seller meant by it was she has a few paint chips down to the bare wood of the guitar. That’s the mark of a well-loved guitar because mint guitars are rarely played. Try playing 300 gigs a year and keep the guitar in showroom condition. Yeah, try that. Or the previous owner might just be a plain, clumsy fella. Regardless of which, the chips and nicks add to vintage vibe. :-P

The first thing I did with my Strat was to block the trem. The official line was I wanted tuning stability. The truth is I’m Clapton’s biggest bitch and he had the trem on all his Strats blocked.Blooseman. After all, I don’t have the technical prowess to perform fretboard acrobatics with the whammy bar. Maybe I’ll unblock it once I play like Jeff Beck. Or when lmsn plays like Joe Pass, whichever first (read: never).

She has not, as of yet, performed at a gig, but she was on the outro solo of A Simple Goodbye and the rhythm guitarist for TMMBB* played her on (I've Got) News. I don’t know the guitarist, though. I just left the guitar in an unmarked box at the park for him/her to pick it up. Just exercising my plausible deniability clause here.

I don’t condone drug abuse and I’m sure neither does the owner of this blog site, but I think this J. J. Cale song is less about coke and more about heartbreak than anything else.

I wanted a dark-ish sounding, blues-y guitar reminiscent of a broken heart dripping with candy apple red blood.

And that’s what I got.

She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie

*the murg masalam blues band

cocaine is a japanese-crafted 1970's reissue fender stratocaster, currently only available on the japanese market.

COCAINE (j.j. cale) as performed by eric clapton ©1977 warner chappell music publishing

水曜日, 2月 16, 2005

Gagak hitam mencari pasangan di reban ayam

it's easter term. or lent. or spring, even, depending on the institution of learning that you are attending. my student days are long gone, yet this is the time of the year when i get to hear announcements of come to our malaysia night!, from student mates or blogs. for those of you who are still studying/had studied in britain, you know what i'm talking about.

the malaysia night has evolved in a big way since the time i first came to this country. in the early 90's, a standard malaysia night fare would consist of several cultural dances/a fashion show of the various races/traditional costumes we have in malaysia,Tuan direktor. a short sketch based on malaysian/the malaysian student life, a band and the obligatory wedding on a pelamin. if you were a serial malaysia night attendee, you get to see the same TDC-sponsored costume in every show you went to! different universities do their malaysia nights differently. some would have a simple buffet-style makan on paper plates, followed by simple performances and then a disco (yes, i'm that old). well, they knew what the punters want, so a disco it was!

others would have the event more elaborately planned, where it'd be an ostentatious black tie affair, complete with meals served on the high table (buffet-buffet tak main eh) and a VIP guest list that would've included the DYMM s.p.b.d.p. Agong if they could. the cultural night would usually be a play with the dances interwoven into the storyline, which may be written originally for the evening or loosely based on malaysian folklore (hang tuah, hang kebun, we've seen them all). i preferred the ones where not a single modern/western element was present in the performance. as a purist, i firmly believe a malaysian cultural evening should convey just that. malaysian culture.


in the UK, a few universities do stand out when their malaysia nights are concerned. in my younger days (*uhuk uhuk* ini macam boleh kena tibi), we loved going to the nottingham one. the reasons were three-fold: one, most of our friends were there; two, it's centrally-located; and three, the chicks were usually of the paraparapeewit variety (still is, i hear). the more popular malaysia nights tend to maintain their reputation as it'll be easier to obtain sponsorship and to have theIn the local papers. CLICK TO ENLARGE. YTM High Commissioner of Malaysia to add the date on his diary. it also helps if you have someone in the committee who has a daddy that can help big time. not trying to sound pejorative, as we did something similar for ours. believe me, sponsorship money means a lot if you wanna pull something like a malaysia night off real well.

there are many ways to attract people to come to your malaysia night. some places are known to have the best girls makan, whilst others take pride in their, say, dikir barats. on two occasions, we had a local drama/film actor (best known for films the likes of trauma and abang '92) in ours which meant tickets for our malaysia night sold like hot goreng pisang. malaysia nights nowadays are pretty sophisticated,Show's over. although the basic premise of a malaysian folk tale would still be there. more obscure tales like raja bersiung were used instead of the more pedestrian kesultanan melaka sketches. i've also had the pleasure to see a full-scale original musical based on the mahsuri legend. however, i'm sad to say i've seen only one malaysia night that wasn't fully based on a malay folk tale but a chinese one instead.

i miss those days. it was bloody hard work. looking back at the tapes/photos, there were indeed some cringeworthy what-the-fcuk-was-i-thinking moments, but it was great fun.

月曜日, 2月 14, 2005

Taman Tasik Perdana

been a little too busy to write anything this last week (apart from tweaking the html codes a lil' bit) as i was on a cervical cytology conversion course. pathology labs nationwide are undergoing a major change in the preparation of what was called in the old money, pap smears. we don't smear now.Not available at the nearest Ann Summers. the clinician/nurse will use a special brush, twirl it around the cervix and dip it in fixative. even the processing method differs.

i'm sure all you ladies know what a pap smear is. the guys, on the other hand, may not. well, this is something that your girlfriend/wife gets done every now and then to check if she has an increased risk of getting cervical cancer (this is a screening test, and not a diagnostic one - there is a difference). the cells sampled by the brush are then examined for abnormalities. if abnormalities are present on microscopy, she would then be referred to a gynaecologist for an examination called colposcopy. if the abnormality can be seen on naked eye examination, a further brushed sample and a little piece of the cervix is taken (a biopsy). if the presence of abnormal cells are again noted under a microscope, a larger piece of the cervix may need to be resected at a later time, depending on the severity of the cellular abnormality.

What I have to look at.

why do these cells get abnormal? because of sex, simplistically speaking. a virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV for short) is the culprit and it is sexually-transmitted. see what happens when the cervix comes into close proximity with the glans penis? so, what's the fuss? HPV infection (the high-risk subtypes) potentially causes the cells of the cervix to transform into pre-cancer cells and ultimately cancer. the risk is increased with unprotected intercourse or multiple partners. who carries the bug? both sexes, i'm afraid. an uninfected man can get it from an infected woman, only to infect another woman (in the case of seks rambang).

well, there you have it. so, guys, remember. double bag it at all times if you are in the mood.

this has been a valentine's day public service announcement.

木曜日, 2月 10, 2005


i'm trying this wider version of the blog. i think it's ok, considering the fact that i usually moan about the fact my pics are pretty small for the blog, but then this 960-pixel wide mode does seem more suited for a wordy blog. mine's more pictorial, kinda like playboy without the 36DD brunettes in it.

what do you think? love it or hate it? comments needed, s'il vous plait.

junjung titah patik harap diampun
junjung titah patik harap diampun

a compromise.


日曜日, 2月 06, 2005

The Filey Street Guitar Hall of Fame: Sheffield's Lousiest Bass

It has seen better days.welcome to the first instalment in the series. since i've run out of my own guitars to talk about, why not those of my friends! not to worry, my guest writers will still keep us enlightened with more classic guitars soon.


this battered bass guitar belonged to a then 2nd year medic friend of mine called ganja (don't ask). ganja's lmsn rds' coursemate in the days when they lived in a house with the dingiest looking basement in which they jammed in. you know the taik ayam smell under a kampung house with stilts? there you go.

it's an aria pro II SLB series (possibly either a late 80's or early 90's) which had a few chips here and there. it had a plywood precision-type body with a composite J-style pickup at the bridge and a P-style neck pickup. the bridge had part of a saddle missing, cleverly replaced with a 5 pence. the strings were knackered as fcuk and boy did it sound shite. hehe. all in all, it was lovingly called sheffield's lousiest bass, after its SLB moniker.

having said that, ganja was a keen guitar player and he was one guy who actually could sing whilst doing bass runs. in fact, he fronted rattlehead, a megadeth tribute act we formed for the sheffield gig in the easter of 1999, playing that plank of wood which looked as if it came off a toilet from CBGB's in new york. we had it restrung with rotosounds just for the gig, and god knows, if it still has the same 4 strings on it now.

this bass was also used by bagak of f.a.k.a.p. in the sheffield student band competition. ktong ktong it went, yet f.a.k.a.p. gave the most rousing performance ever that evening despite being disqualified for playing only RATM covers.

Midnight movie

The DVD's already out in HK.shi mian mai fu was not a bad film. well, not as good as his previous wuxia debut, but zhang yimou impressed me yet again. i was supposed to have gone to see it on the big screen, but i was reminded of two reviews (one of you knows who you are. hehe.), one of which slagged it big time. i have to say, however, this is a zhang yimou film, and not one by yuen woo ping. i used to watch yimou's older stuff like red sorghum (the one where wine tastes so much better when piss is added in the fermenting process. really.), along with films by chen kaige, another great director. these were the days when i lived with a housemate who was so into world cinema. so, don't expect wing chun here.

the story's about two medieval policemen, one of whom (jin, played by onimusha's takeshi kaneshiro) took the task of infiltrating the robin hood-esque posse that calls themselves the house of flying daggers, by charming mei, a blind assassin-cum-dancer (played by the delectable zhang ziyi).The echo game. most of the film shows how jin's relationship with mei develops whilst escaping north, followed closely and stealthily by leo (andy lau), his partner. there are little twists to the story, where in the latter third, we see a similar scenario to that of infernal affairs (which also starred lau, playing a similar role somewhat), which i had the pleasure of viewing three nights ago. the fight scenes were not as spectacular as those seen in hero (ying xiong), but watch out for the one among the bamboo trees. also, there's quite a bit of CGI trickery here but i'm not complaining. no pandas were harmed in the making of this one, i hope. whilst the story may seem a tad slow, i felt the flow was correct for what yimou was trying to convey. the action was sparse yet spectacular enough to keep any kung fu buff entertained. both music (by shigeru umegayashi) and cinematography, as usual, were spot on, although some scenes looked a little salem high country at times (some parts of the film was shot in the ukraine apparently). another thing, takeshi kaneshiro is a little bit kayu. like this one matrix chap.

i enjoyed it, surprisingly enough, despite hearing bad things about it. it's not crouching tiger hidden dragon, but for what it's worth, it's a film worth checking out.

土曜日, 2月 05, 2005

Year of the Rooster

金曜日, 2月 04, 2005

To sing in Malay or nyanyi cakap omputeh?

taraf lu cuma
pencuci pentas
...kuli upahan!

wings, bazooka penaka (1993)

Mari lah tentang.for my birthday, i received a copy of butterfingers' selamat tinggal dunia. this all-malay opus of theirs was well worth the wait, as i was totally gobsmacked. sure, i've listened to the live renditions of tentang tentang and merpati sejoli, but finally listening to ten of their finest tunes to date revealed how far these guys have come. after four studio albums, mature they did: both in their skills as tunesmiths and as musicians. the guitars were raw with a loose feeling to it, reminiscent of those heard on any of pearl jam's recent live bootlegs. you can hear the radiohead nuances of siaran tergendala (not on the album) and the beatle-esque ending of cuai. the most important thing of all, finally another malaysian band of the alternative genre (if you like pigeon-holing music) was singing in bahasa malaysia. the way the used the language is simply first rate. grittier than the other alt-rock acts i've heard.
apa benda yang merdeka
jilat bontot depa
apa benda yang merdeka

flop poppy and OAG have done it. in fact, just look at the last few albums by post-mamat exists, like mutan and ada, to name two. these guys have sung in bahasa yonks ago (i'll get to the 80's malay rock explosion at another time, as they are really another phenomenon).Tipu barat timur dihimpit. i've to say apart from the lame efforts the likes of jesnita (*shudder*), as far as the other tunes they write/perform, the exists guys in many ways with stuff like kapal terbang kertas could possibly give the musicians across the water a run for their money. what gets my goat is the need for record companies to have killer power ballads (killer and power are both misnomers in the case of any local act). in the days of rock tangkap lentok, a newbie band would usually be ever so proud to have a song penned by m. nasir. nothing against m. nasir, but i think what you have there ain't his magnum opus. can you imagine him letting you and your band sing mentera semerah padi? the reality is that at the end of the day, they need the makciks and kakaks in the kampungs to buy their music. even neneks were quoted to know the words to fantasia bulan madu. before anyone shouts "elitist!", don't get me wrong. why is it mags like bloomin' urtv are doing so well? like an actor friend of mine once admitted, "kena lah, bro'. karang makcik-makcik kat kampung kata apa pulak. kena bagi dia suka". want to change a well-established mindset? demographics. go figure.
bukalah pintu hati mu untuk cinta ini
biar berkurun lama dikau ku nantikan

back to the singing in bahasa business. i remembered years ago reading reviews of demos sent in to r.o.t.t.w. where all of them were singing in english. butterfingers, the pilgrims, naked butterfly, infectious maggots and carburettor dung (to name a few) were then starting to make it big. the alternative bandwagon was bursting at the seams with cobain imitators and cavalera wannabes. when asked why they were singing in english, the answer, as if said in unison, was: lagu kami {insert genre here}, tak sesuai dinyanyikan dalam bahasa malaysia. now, the choice of singing in english or otherwise is pretty much personal. the same as, say, whether or not i want to blog in malay or not.
si manis di belakang kowloon
rupanya sang khunsa

i suppose i was just disappointed to see no one taking that first step and make bahasa the medium for songs of this generation, especially with the competition from across the water (although most of their current crop are excellent, not all of them are). singing in bahasa does not mean having words like kecundang, mahligai, baiduri and the ubiquitous cinta in a song. nor do you need to have the song in the key of A minor.Astronomikal cirimu, universal wajahmu. artistes from other asian nations could pull it off. you've listened to koreans rap in their native tongue or indonesian prog-rock on MTV. if you think the new butterfingers ditties have the bahasa sung in a drawl that's unmistakeably english to make their songs work, well no one said anything of the sort when awie did the infamous midnight blues on wings' teori domino. or radhi on any of the tracks in opera radhi-o friendly or satelit ink. on the non-malay front, a good example is poetic ammo where yogi B and co. did a great debut album which had songs incorporating the tamil and chinese language. there are tamil metal bands nowadays and the canto-rock scene are doing very well in the malaysian music scene.

now we have the chance to menembak garuda dengan senapang. kita kena ada pelurunya dahulu.
BAZOOKA PENAKA words/music by m. nasir, wings and nasir jani. ©1993 luncai emas sdn bhd
TENTANG TENTANG words/music by loque. ©2004 buttertrade music, EMI publishing
JESNITA words/music by harun ahmad and fauziah hashim. ©2001 BMG music publishing (M) sdn bhd, ada exists sdn bhd
MIDNIGHT BLUES words/music by m. nasir. ©1990 dunia muzik WEA sdn bhd

木曜日, 2月 03, 2005

Have a belated Ten Club Christmas

A lil' something from Seattle.YES!!!
Change the speed from 33...... to 45 rpm.
To make the vinyl fit...... place an adapter.
Place vinyl.Sonic bliss.

in the mail today. a month late, but what the hey.

水曜日, 2月 02, 2005

Moh makan!(part 5): Saus for your frites

Available at your nearest supermarket now!i found it finally!

i've never actually bothered finding out how to make it. i suppose i could've asked her if she knows how to make it, being the culinary whiz that she is. if you remember, i was in amsterdam last december when i marvelled at the chips from the vlaams frite huis (the pseudo-same eh experience, for those in the know). i know that people wince at the thought of having chips with mayo (they do here, anyway). i'd never thought heinz makes them. until recently. lingham and HP, dok diam-diam.

as you can see, it's not a very big bottle. and it's already half empty (yeah, do go on and psychoanalyse that!), like after two chip-eating seshes. it tastes exactly like the saus served in that little hole in the wall in downtown amsterdam.

satu makan, dua mau.

火曜日, 2月 01, 2005

In the white room

Clapton, Baker and Bruce back for just 4 nights in London.not the whiskey. firstly, it ain't 1967. secondly, i don't have a friggin' visa to fly over to the 'states. however, my mate got us two tix to catch them at the royal albert on may 2.

it's all sold out, and yes, you can get them at ebay, but for a price. a very steep price. the show(s) will be recorded. whether or not it's for a CD or a DVD, it's anyone's guess.

i’ll wait in the queue
when the trains come back
lie with you
where the shadows run from themselves

why lah did you have to graduate in 2004!