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Black shuck!

who said rock is dead?

日曜日, 11月 28, 2004

A short trip to the home of a well-known Hood

went to nottingham (fondly known, for the wrong reasons, by malaysians as notts) this afternoon with a mate of mine from manchester. i quite love the place. you'd never know by looking at it that the city's crime rate is in fact quite high, especially that of the gun-related variety. and apparently it's worse than manchester! shopping is definitely better here than it is in sheffield.

Clockwise: The Portland Building, Council House, fashion on Queen Street, Hard Rock Cafe (yeah, they have one too).

the university's pretty popular amongst malaysians for its girls malaysian cultural evenings and the eponymous annual sports meet (which was yesterday). it was a difficult to get into its medical school, as it's famous for its two-degrees-for-the-package-of-one, where in third year everyone does a BMedSci degree. obviously, the sour grapes in other medical schools that have to do it as an intercalated degree would say that a nottingham BMedSci = a piece from the bog roll, but hey, it's still adds a brownie point to the CV! the medical school interview i had in nottingham was worse than the one i had in downing college at cambridge, i can tell you.

The Banana con Cioccolatta.lunch was late which actually equates to us having an early supper. had it at a place called zizzi (previously recommended by another friend a while back). apparently ran by the same people who own the ask franchise. usual italian fare, and their pizzas and calzones are baked using a kayu api oven. as with many new franchised eateries, each restaurant has its own identity (like the pizza express franchise). the nottingham one had a main dining area which is situated in the lower ground, with a bar on the mezzanine above. ambience is lovely, an absolute plus for wining/dining that dream woman. everyone went for pasta, whilst i had the calzone di pesce. the ravioli serving is massive, great only if you're ravenous as hell. our stomachs were filled to the brim yet there was room for coffee, and err... dessert. if you ever come to this place, try the banana con cioccolatta (caramelised banana, sweet crepes and chocolate sauce, oven baked in a skillet - served with cream or ice cream). hoho.

Pawagam: an addendum

i can't believe i hadn't written about this earlier. the number of times i've been to a malaysian multiplex can be counted on one hand, so forgive me if some of these below still exists!


Jackie Chan in Project A 2. I can't remember if I'd seen it, though. :)

things that i won't be experiencing at the movies anymore:

  • crap parking in the cinema foreground, with or without the jaga kereta
  • air tebu stalls and the like at the cinema entrance
  • the fact that movies do matinees, followed by four or five screenings of the main feature, plus an additional midnight screening of an upcoming film if it was the weekend
  • ticket booths with grilles
  • tickets that are of toilet paper quality with D-17 scrawled in thick coloured pencil
  • checking out stills of films in the foyer
  • the terms coming soon, next change and now showing
  • kuaci
  • those beautiful softly-lit velveteen festooning curtains that covers the screen, as you are being greeted (nicely/gruffly - take your pick) by the usher
  • the smell. i've smelt substances from the likes of kerosene to urine.
  • pre-feature slide ads of the nearby hair salon and shops selling bak kut teh
  • pearl and dean's pap pah pap pah pap pah pap pah pappap pah before the ads
  • ads for alcoholic beverages, namely guiness stout (pokok tumbang, kilang machinery rosak etc), hennesey and the one for anglia shandy that had malaysians playing a cowboy, a bartender and a bargirl
  • the shaw brothers montage* (like the one in kill bill) with the exact tune that you'd get in the p. ramlee films [* i am unsure what you call it, if you know drop a note in the comments below!]
  • the malaysian heat and the blinding sun as you come out from the cinema hall

土曜日, 11月 27, 2004

The days of the pawagam

i can't remember the first movie i've ever seen in the cinema. probably one of the earliest flicks i saw was the disaster movie earthquake, which starred charlton heston and ava gardner, amongst others. come to think of it, some of the first few movies i saw had some role to play in traumatising my then young mind. i was brought to see jaws and the towering inferno at such a tender age. it came as no surprises that i then had a fear for the sea, of being stuck in a lift and of heights (i still hate heights). i thank god that my folks didn't bring me to watch airport '77.

The now demolished Cathay cinema in KL.as a kid, we didn't have multiplexes*. i remembered the days of watching star wars at the cathay cinema, herbie goes to monte carlo at the pavilion and the numerous flicks that my late mom used to bring me to after school at the sentosa in section 17. i wouldn't know who indiana jones was if it wasn't for my mom! i remembered ayah used to book tickets by phone to avoid queueing (no internet in 1975, man). we never used to go watch malay movies when i was younger. old black and white malay movies of the p. ramlee and pontianak variety was on the telly (not as often as it was in the past ten years though). the choices were entirely left to my folks to decide on what to watch, apart from the disney cartoons. they'd go for films with the big hollywood stars of their time. i watched in awe charlton heston separating the red sea and steve mcqueen doing a wheelie on a motorbike escaping the germans. everything was nice clean family fun.

i began to enjoy science fiction movies immediately after star wars in 1977, and i had my eyes peeled for anything that had outer space in it. battlestar galactica was great (although i knew then that star wars was definitely much more superior. of course.). we saw it at sentosa and the movie was in sensurround (a 1970's version of dolby digital/dts/THX) and i felt all they did was put on the speakers at full blast. the sound effects didn't feel realistic, just loud. i remembered dragging my folks to watch alien in 1979, and what a big mistake it was. i was 9, and how was i to know that one can mix genres in film. my mom loved it. like me, ayah wasn't too keen on monster/horror films. his only complain was that the movie was 'too dark'. mom used to complain that we never want to go watch horror films with her. how could i go watch those films? i even get nightmares from them bloomin' hantu movie posters (some badly painted*). those were the days of crap B-movies (with titles like inseminoid!) worthy of a direct-to-video title.

Devil's Tower, Wyoming. Scary.

when i was deemed old enough to go and watch movies with friends, i used to walk to the ria cinema in taman tun (now a defunct club). it was great having a cinema which was 15 minutes away on foot. i would go with like a bunch of friends to watch films like empire strikes back and condorman (yup!). in fact, i saw a lot of films at the ria. raiders of the lost ark re-runs, the close encounters special edition, clash of the titans, the list could go on. i could even remember my favourite seat number, one of two in the back row, directly facing the aisle in the reserved class section. why? i want to have full view of the screen i'm watching. i was a small kid. i hate it when i have to peer behind some big adult's head.

we still enjoyed films at the cinema even with the advent of video. the only thing worth checking out was getting uncensored versions of films.John Candy and some girls in mud... and my mind was corrupted since! how can i forget watching in amazement the all-girl mud wrestling scene from stripes, which starred bill murray and john candy - that scene ain't there when i saw it with my mom in the cinema. another memorable moment was the bonking scene in milius' conan the barbarian. this time, i was watching it (unfortunately) with my folks (i remembered my neighbour warning that the tape was uncensored when lending us the tape). in secondary school, i spend most of my weekends from third form onwards going to the cinema. we were discouraged as juniors to frequent such establishments. i didn't know what the fuss was all about then, as i'd been frequenting such 'shifty' places with my mom! thanks to a schoolfriend of mine, i began to enjoy hong kong films, the likes of project A and armour of god. jackie chan and samo hung were it, man.

Let's go to work.

nowadays, i still love catching a movie at the cinema. arthouse never did catch on, as far as my cinema experience goes (the number of times i've only been to an arthouse film establishment can be counted on one hand). i do enjoy independent films like reservoir dogs (when it first came out) but i just don't have the patience to understand/endure films like prospero's book or anything by peter greenaway for that matter. and now we have dvd, which has all the extra bits (the next LOTR dvd is 5 hours long, if i'm not mistaken) but i wouldn't dream of eschewing the cinema-going experience. i admit that i've not been to see many movies lately, but nothing beats watching a lightsabre duel and the whupping of agent smith's ass on the big screen with THX/dts, while enjoying some nachos and the largest diet coke available (with lots of ice).

also, i love the movies here as there are no subtitles filling half the screen and the films are screened uncut. of course.


[*]found this site at sashi's. has great info on some of kl's cinemas.

[**]movie billboards on the facade of the cinemas were hand painted in those days. we used to laugh at the way the posters we done, like how big han solo's nose was like on the poster of empire.

Urusan Seri Paduka Baginda

this is unashamedly stolen from foreclosure of a dream (that's for knicking my rolling stone collage, hafiz. hehe.).

december 14th, people.

The long-awaited record.

garuda menyerang tembak dengan senapang*.


trabye, post it over before some wise-ass decide to ban it! please!!
[*]official site khere, and for fan club site, click the pic above.

木曜日, 11月 25, 2004

Kita ini tetamu senja

hanya sekadar renungan.

kita datang ini hanya sebagai tetamu senja
bila cukup detik kembalilah kita kepada-Nya
kita datang ini kosong tangan kosong dada
bila pulang nanti bawa dosa bawa pahala.
pada tetamu yang datang dan kenal jalan pulang
bawalah bakti mesra kepada Tuhan kepada insan
pada tetamu yang datang dan lupa jalan pulang
usahlah derhaka pula kepada Tuhan kepada insan.
bila kita lihat manusia lupa tempat
atau segera sesat puja darjat puja pangkat
segera kita insaf - kita ini punya kiblat
segera kita ingat - kita ini punya tekad.
bila kita lihat manusia terbiar larat
hingga mesti merempat ke biru laut ke kuning darat
harus kita lekas sedar penuh pada tugas
harus kita tegas sembah seluruh rasa belas.
kita datang ini satu roh satu jasad
bila pulang nanti bawalah bakti padat berkat!

a. samad said
utusan zaman
13 november 1955

日曜日, 11月 21, 2004

Songs in my life

at last, some time to unwind. it's been a hectic few days of doing bugger all, followed by a sudden burst of activity as you could see below. currently chilling to keane's hopes and fears.



An okay lah read.finally picked up where i left off, reading nick hornby's 31 songs, and finished it a couple of nights ago. yeah. the book that i was suppose to read on the plane to kl in, like, september (he was upstaged by murakami). it's an okay book. i was expecting a tad more. to be fair, this was my first hornby (i've got high fidelity lined up next, eventually, and yes, i've not seen the film yet). his take on the 31 songs were thankfully not all on the critique of the songs itself. there were some, but with some of the other tunes he managed to intelligently tie in the song's meaning with the issues of life, his or that in general. or even how it reminded him of a certain time frame in his life, like dancing to the velvelettes at the town & country regardless whether he'd look like an idjit. he also waxed lyrical on the pap that is pop, on why body shop doesn't play death metal, or how despite he was getting on a bit, he wouldn't consider getting on an aural diet of jazz or classical. reminds myself of yours truly.

if i had to choose a certain number songs and what it would mean to me, i'd probably could make out the memories a melody could evoke, some more meaningful more than others. i won't attempt 31, but here are some songs that were, for me, strongly associated with some memories i have.

Great vocal harmonies.El Condor Pasa (Simon and Garfunkel)

this is probably the earliest tune i could remember. i was three. okay, i didn't know it was el condor pasa but it had this weird latin vibe to it which didn't strike me as an english song. yes, at that age. don't ask me how i had that idea then, but that's what i thought of the song. sadly for messrs. simon and garfunkel, this song to this day would remind me of a hot day in an aircon-less vauxhall viva, meandering on the twisted road from taiping to ipoh, with durians in the boot. and not to forget, motion sickness.

Takeachance,kerchance,kerchance.I do, I do, I do, I do, I do (ABBA)

ayah came back from a month's trip to sweden in '74. the year when this husband and wife quartet won a song contest called the eurovision in brighton. apart from this other pop group (who sang entirely in swedish), ABBA formed the staple of my music diet. we would listen to their debut album on the 8-track (yeah, you children of the 80's, you wouldn't have had the pleasure of listening to music in the large box-like tapes, would ya? hehe) in the car. reminds me of trips to ampang complex (then the only mall for the family to hang out in). and trips to lucky garden for han chim peng and chakoi.

Macho macho man, I wanna be a macho!YMCA (or anything by The Village People)

the uncle who drove us home on the bus when we were in primary school would have this pirate tape of a botak man with walkman headphones (a new invention in those days). the whole bus would really boogie down to the likes of macho man and in the navy.

little did we know, man. little did we know.

Poi pokan, naik basika, tongah haghi, tongah paneh, apo dayo, potong gotah, apo nak dikato, kalau boleh nak jadi cikgu sekolah, kek Kolo Pilah.Apo Nak Dikato (Blues Gang)

i was offered to go to a boarding school sometime in late 1982. my mom had always encouraged me to go to one (she was an ex-stfian) as i would one day have a better chance to go to london and study. when the offer letter arrived, i was peeved for not being offered a place to this college in kuala kangsar. how could they (my grandfather was the first headboy - a little trivia)? and what's this sekolah datuk abdul razak? wasn't he a tun? is this an inferior imitation of star? i could go on, but this is the kind of stuff that goes through a twelve-year old's mind when he's pissed off. as they say, things happened for a reason, and i am glad that this was my chosen path as i wouldn't probably be here if i haven't. on the night before i left for school, my dad pointed out that the dialect that was used in this blues gang song we were listening to on the kitchen radio was that of negeri sembilan. little did i know then that i was to spend most of my life away from home, to this very day.

Suara tak sedap.Love In The First Degree (Bananarama)

by now you'd say, where are the anthems of our youth? where are the iron man and misty mountain hop of our time (to quote cliff poncier)? i was on my way to the uk. and before i could go, we were to do an english course in a bunch of shophouses in damansara utama. we had a light-hearted orientation week, and one of the groups did an endang to this ditty. this was also the time a chap from an all-boys SBP would get to meet those of the fairer sex. the song stuck to my mind for the entire 10 weeks.

Jentera Pemusnah (Belantara)

we were ferried around to oxford and cambridge before starting our lives as sixth formers. to give us a glimpse of the places we should be applying to. hehe. yeah, like buggery. malay rock songs were the anthem of us chaps in the last few rows of the coach. belantara's srikandi di sisi was given by my brother prior to flying off, in addition to my worn-out copy of their well-listened debut. i can never forget susu's rendition of another belantara tune, "ku terberak di tengah jalan, ku tertidoq di dalam jamban". i know it doesn't sound remotely funny, as i suppose one had to be there, being in the moment. credit is given to nik azli, a strong proponent of the tangkap lentok tunes that we had to play at our reunion dinner some time later.

This is Maiden, man!!Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter (Iron Maiden)

i spent the entire x'mas vacation in my first year of medical school in butlers' wharf. lucky mates of mine who were studying at LSE were living in the then up and coming part of london. pretty much the entire batch descended to london for our own new year's eve party (anyone remember C&C music factory? doing the running man?). most of the cambridge crowd who had to leave their colleges were there, too. and they were revising, the mugs. oh well. that's why they are where they are now, i guess. it was also the time when i went to my first NWOBHM* (europe ain't metal and aerosmith would better be categorised as rock. hehe.) gig at wembley. openers? anthrax! yeah! my gig tee was that of eddie and this woman in red with the biggest...
*new wave of british heavy metal

In the where-are-they-know pile of the bargain basement.74-75 (The Connells)

i first heard of this song from the video on MTV. it had these old photos of school-leavers followed by video portraits of what they look like in the present day. some looked great, some unfortunately not so good. i went to my primary school reunion earlier in the year and i have to say that i saw a similar theme. you get the successful ones, the doing-the-best-as-they-can ones. sadly, there were also some friends who aren't with us today. goes to show you'd never know what's gonna come around the corner. a poignant song. it was also the first CD i bought after buying my first (and only) set of hifi separates.

some songs, i guess, are more significant than others. there are more, but i'd leave those to talk about for another day.

Raya comes a little later

well, raya is sebulan as they say. i had a little makan thingy and had a couple of friends over. it wasn't much, but i was fixing stuff which i've never done before. the ghendang pedeh ayam (perak for rendang pedas... if you're wondering) i've done it just the once in kl two years back. the one dish that was a gamble was the pulut kuning. the reason i had concerns was because i just didn't believe you could kukus rice. well, you can. hehe.

Pulut, rendang pedas ayam and the delectable torte.

i also got some orange chiffon cake, as my late mama used to always buy one for raya. made some roti canai for the kids, who were enjoying a taste of totoro and toy story on the telly. sheikh and amy brought a cappuccino torte which was heavenly. nik brought his tummy which was filled amply prior to flying to brussels as i am writing this. hahahaha. kiddin', mate.

enough to say, with all the santan in virtually every non-dessert dish, i feel ever so sleeeeeeepy... selamat hari raya dan maaf zahir batin to all.

土曜日, 11月 20, 2004

Satu, dua, tiga, empatbelas!*

Look what the mailman brought for me this morning!

the one with the dvd, man!

*translation courtesy of anuarfariz.

金曜日, 11月 19, 2004

What autumn?

The late afternoon sun was blinding, making driving a right bitch.

following yesterday's freak weather event, i was temporarily in hoth this afternoon whilst making a short journey to manchester for provisions.

couldn't make any stops and had to make do with the T610, with the other hand on the wheel. don't try this at home, kids. :)

木曜日, 11月 18, 2004

What the wind brought South Yorkshire

i was planning to do a little something on autumn. y'know, a few photos here and there. at the mo' all i have are two bleedin' pics. it's technically autumn at the moment, but just look at that...

this pic was only taken like 10 minutes ago.


is the outcome of hypocrisy
darkest potency
in the exit of humanity
color our world blackened

(hetfield, ulrich, newsted)
© 1988 creeping death music, ascap

the blog has moulted. again. into something none more black. to quote jim and black (no pun intended), chaos has blackened.


James in spandex.everyone knows of metallica right? if i were to pose this question in 1986, i bet no one not many would have answered in the affirmative.i was drawn into their music when i was in form four, courtesy of members of the "rocker" fraternity in my batch. those were the days of the pirated apache cassettes that sold for a mere three bucks. the metallica tape was a mix tape then with stuff from their first three albums (which strangely enough didn't include the eponymous seek and destroy). to my ears, their music was really hard-hitting to my senses. the term thrash was the in word among rock circles in school. stuff only kutus are allowed to listen to (no, i ain't no kutu then. gua low profile. hahaha).The definitive. the first metallica tune i learnt back then was the acoustic bit in the middle of master of puppets. and i learnt it from my then 12-year old brudder (lagi lima paun). metallica was difficult to play, especially the solos (for me it still is...haha) in those days. electric guitars were expensive for any one of us to try out a metallica riff with conviction. besides, no one in school was able to pull off a fast metallica lick especially on a kapok.

Damage inc.heavy metal band t-shirts were also the cool thing, albeit semi-contraband, in school (form four onwards only, or you'll be in deep doo-doo). for those with the import t-shirts (double-sided oooo), lagi rock! to get that, you either need to have a sibling/relative studying abroad or spend like RM50 at oazy (adik nak t-shirt mana?) in pertama complex. i had to share a metallica t-shirt with my brudder as it costed us (well, my folks) a bomb. the things we'd do in our youth to be... err... cool. i just laugh nowadays.

so we knew of metallica in those days, but we didn't know who the band members are. imported rock mags were expensive and we had no way to find out who the members of most bands were! i noticed a grafitti on a classroom wall:

vocals/guitar: hetfield
guitar: hammett
drums: ulrich
bass: cliff burton

i finally knew who the 'tallica guys were, but why no first names, apart from cliff? i remembered my mates pronouncing his surname phonetically (boo-ton). i then realised the graffiti was taken from half-written credits in a pirated tape. oh well. another thing was, was it really so kutu to have a written a half-baked graffiti like that? there were some really great ones in the dormitory bogs but my favourite graffiti in school was one that said Spookey markET. i'd leave you to figure that one out. i digress slightly. :)

it wasn't until after leaving school in 1988, when polygram malaysia distributed the $5.98 EP on tape. i think i played that tape to death. it was our first exposure to the then new kid, jason newsted, on bass. "i raped your mother today" from last caress was the most memorable (and funny) one from that album.What I would've seen in Belfast. the thing about metallica was, despite the major cussing onstage (my dad once said that metallica was a band jahat, for saying motherfucker), not a single fuck word was written in their own songs, up to the load sessions. ironic.

1988 was the year i left for britain. the year metallica released ... and justice for all. and the following year, they played a gig in belfast as part of the european leg of their damaged justice tour. no way i could go see them. i was in a boarding school 81 miles south. oh well. i got a damaged justice (with the american summer dates on the back) tour tee at virgin marble arch though. it ain't the same, but it kept me happy. justice was great if it wasn't for the fact that the bass line was inaudible. see the irritated look on jason's face in the inlay? it wasn't until many years later that i learnt to play justice and one. and i think i still can't play blackened (i tried it once a long time ago and i was traumatised soon after. haha.).

when they released the black album, i bought the tape one day in advance from the rest of the world at victoria in pertama (yes, i love the place.). that day i found out i could learn the songs straight away. that meant either i have improved (ahem) or metallica's standard has definitely gone the way of the dodo. the album was great. it won't match puppets, i know. but the black album was also the one that led them to mainstream success. not good news, especially for the metallica elitist. reminds me of what lars ulrich once said:

"it used to be one chick, and 50, 000 guys. i saw like 50, 000 chicks and 50, 000 guys out there. that's a sign of makin' it!!"

in 1992, i bought a ticket to see them live at whitley bay ice rink near newcastle in october. my first ever metallica gig. i was simply ecstatic. tragedy struck in the summer when i found out from the news on tv3 (i remembered it was wan zaleha radzi reading that evening. lalalala) that a riot occurred in montreal due to james hetfield's fire accident with the pyro and guns 'n' fuckin' roses' (it was axl's fault actually, the twat) unexpected short set. the first thing that went through my mind was: damn the gig's off. worst still, there'll be someone else on guitar (which they did for a few gigs stateside). the good thing was, hetfield recovered fine and was playing guitar again. the day came, and it was wet and cold. went with some mates, and this was what awaited us in that excuse for an ice rink:

The diamond-shaped stage with the snake-pit. They toured non-stop for three years, a total of more than 300 venues. That's a world tour.

it was ace, but i didn't get to see that view above as we were on the floor :) . pity, it wasn't the snakepit, as it would've been awesome. they had no support act. in its place was a 30-minute documentary video thingy on the recording of the black album (pretty much an excerpt from the 2 and a half years dvd). and of course, a live telecast from the dressing room. kirk hammett wanting his bottle of newcy brown. and lars telling us how they're gonna come out and play for six fucken hours. the punters simply went bananas when the lights went off and morricone's ecstasy of gold was reverbrating through the ice rink. metallica played an awesome 3 hour set. i was simply gobsmacked. they didn't kick off with sandman, but their set was simply rocking. i was crushed, bounced around throughout. my eardrums were also given a right bashing (i had tinnitus for 2 days). they gave us like 2 and a half encores. half because they still hung around after the obligatory pick/drumstick tossing, and played stone cold crazy. if you wanna know how i felt like that evening, go watch the live shit: binge and purge dvd. ain't the same as being there, though. hehe.

Het and Lars during the Load tour, 1996.

in 1996, metallica threw us fans a curve ball. i was in the doctors' mess when there they were on the entertainment news, hair all shorn off. and what's with the fucking mini afro, kirk? damn. load was a real test. i loved it. didn't love it more than their older stuff but i feel musicians should mature and evolve. i remembered watching the pumpkins-like until it sleeps video, and i knew there would be repercussions. they came to play newcastle arena later that year. i was a little late in booking the tix, and despite assurances from the git on the phone that my seat was one of the best in the house, i wished i hadn't bothered coming. the seats were on the same level as the floor. to add insult to injury, the well-meaning ushers wouldn't let us stand. idiots. have they ever had a rock concert before? not only i was pissed off, but at the same time i was nursing this pre-cold headache. that aside, the gig was just superb. yeah, they had short hair yaddayadda, they still rocked the house big time. even songs like until it sleeps sounded heavy as hell. oh yeah, they kicked off with so what. just like the fort worth dvd. they had this fake pyro accident with the lights crashing down in the middle. since i didn't exactly read any reviews from previous gigs, when the first initial sparks was noted in the background, i thought shit was gonna happen. but when the large hydraulic light towers came crashing down, as well as seeing one of the crewmembers running frantically across the stage in flames? come on, this had to be all fake. damn convincing, though!

i've grown up listening to their music. i am a tad disappointed with st. anger but then some of their songs like frantic, dirty window and unnamed feeling have grown on me. i didn't actually go to any of their gigs after the load tour as they only played large outdoor events in britain thereafter. i don't like it when i can't see the band! i did, however, catch them live at london's earl's court last winter. the band was in top form despite all the shit that happened with them in the past few years. they played well, and robert trujillo was simply brilliant on the bass.

Metallica at Earl's Court, London: Dec 20, 2003.

with their setlist revisiting material from their earlier days, i felt as if i hadn't left that dorm in seremban in 1986.


all pics taken from encycmet and metallicaworld with thanks. go here for my review on some kind of monster.

update: for pics and setlist of the 'tallica gig that i went to on dec 19, mosey your ass over here.

土曜日, 11月 13, 2004

Estuans interius...


... ira vehementi
Sors - immanis
Et inanis
Veni veni venias
Ne me mori facias

1 によっては天使が飛んだ

木曜日, 11月 11, 2004

Salam aidilfitri

Moh berbuka! (part 4: moreh)

i don't actually know the proper definition of moreh. if you read lat's take on ramadhan in the 70's (lat's lot i think), it's berbuka at the mosque. some friends of mine say it's supper (usually comprising bubur) after terawih prayers.

Elicoidali carbonara.anyway, i had a couple of morehs (i eat one large meal at night, honest. lalalala.) recently. one of which was this craving for a penne carbonara. i don't have an interest in wanting to know what pork tastes like, but with the advent of beef bacon and chicken ham, a lot of the the previously disallowed dishes can now be savoured. got it from the naked chef's book, this is like 15 minutes to make. i used abruzzo elicoidali and did it al dente as usual.whisk 5 egg yolks (phwooar.), with like 100 ml double cream (phwooar. again.) and 50g of grated parmesan (mati ini macam). while the pasta was on the stove, i chopped up some chicken salami and shallow-fried them bits in some extra virgin till they got crispy (supposed to use bacon, but cannot find halal bacon in sheffield one). bung in the hot pasta into the mix, the residual heat will pretty much cook the eggs, but kacau betul-betul or you'll get scrambled egg-like carbonara sauce. season with some freshly ground black pepper and chuck in some leaves. zhangg!

 Otak-otak.another moreh i enjoyed recently was more of melayu fare. the last time i had otak-otak was like 30 years ago in bangsar. i don't even know what they actually taste like apart from the fact it's pedas. every malaysian who lives away from home should have a book which tells you how to make common malaysian dishes! since i've some leftover banana leaves, i decided to make otak-otak instead of kuih koci. the only thing i didn't have was buah keras (yeah, yeah. very funny). i've also run out of belacan goddammit (tak da lesen). i was lazy, so i just used canned pilchards in brine, and mixed it with this blend of 8 cili kering, 10 shallots, 3 cloves of garlic, a little snip of lengkuas and a dash of turmeric powder (don't have fresh kunyit lah). mix in some santan (120 ml) and dessicated coconut. add the otak-otak into the rectangular strips of daun, and lipat/staple. i used a gridle to cook 'em as i can't be arsed to use a barbecue. tasted nice, if i had to say so myself. also experimented it on black, and he's still alive. that's good enough for me.

火曜日, 11月 09, 2004

What's snarky?

got this off jordan's site:

You Are a Snarky Blogger!

You've got a razor sharp wit that bloggers are secretly scared of.
And that's why they read your posts as often as they can!

really? what wit?

off to stoke-on-trent now. wish me luck.

土曜日, 11月 06, 2004

Kompilasi lagu-lagu HITS[sic]

for bands with an album that didn't break the bank lately, the next strategy would be a best of/greatest hits album. take travis as an example. they had a great debut album, and for a sophomore effort, the man who was an absolute corker with tunes like turn and why does it have to rain on me. then the invisible band came in and the tunes were still ok, but same-y. when they released 12 memories i just had to go, "och aye, what the hell do you guys are thinking?". now they give you their greatest singles cd (imaginatively called singles) with one new tune to boot. this woman's also got one out soon (with a similarly titled dvd too).

but a musical career in the doldrums ain't the only reason for the easy money hits compilation. the verve's got one (they ain't even a band now. hehe.). and so does the godfather of grunge.

Rearviewmirror. Nov 15.take this for example. pearl jam's riot act was their last album with epic. if you'd notice, the benaroya album was sold in the shops distributed by bmg. their man of the hour single didn't even have a label. they did sell 20,000-odd units via ten club, the official fan club of the band. at the moment, they are still label-less and are enjoying their independence for the time being. and what does epic do? release rearviewmirror, a collection of some of pearl jam's gems. i'd have to say if you already have every single recording they ever had, this double cd that's coming out on the 15th is pretty much redundant. but what the hey. suckers die-hard fans like myself will part with some of our hard-earned dosh for the discs. hey, they did digitally remaster tracks from ten for this one. it'll be different. ever so slightly. it counts. hehe.

With The Lights Out. Nov 22.well, talking about parting with your hard-earned cash, this is something everyone's been waiting for. after so much legal wrangling with courtney love, the remaining members of nirvana have finally hammered the last nail on kurt cobain's metaphorical coffin. a week after pearl jam's rearviewmirror, we can now feast on with the lights out, nirvana's box set of 3 cd's and 1 dvd. Q magazine's favourable review of the set has warned us of the myriad of material contained within, some of which probably be more of interest to the nirvanophile, like the earlier demos and tracks of the band messing about. i'd say the main bit i'd be checking out would be the unheard-of tunes kurt wrote (taken from tapes which were in love's possession all this while). amongst others, i'd also be keen to check out their cover of led zep's heartbreaker. there would be also bootleg footage of their early gigs and other odds and sods.

looks like a busy month for us ex-alt rocking late 20/early 30-somethings, music-wise.


on the subject of ka-chingg! and music, it appears that if the money's really good you can get disbanded bands to bury the hatchet and gig together. frank black et al are at the moment touring as the pixies again. according to Q magazine (again), rumours have it that there is to be a pink floyd reunion. the three current members' people are apparently talking to roger waters' people across the pond. apparently the band could bag like $100 mil a year if they got back together for a tour. if it happens next year, it'll mark the 30th anniversary of their wish you were here album. a mate of mine has also agreed to come along, regardless of how much the ticket would cost. next to inventing a time machine to get to see them play like earls court in the 70s, i'd say the ticket price is worth it.

Pretty album covers all in a row.

oh ya. the neon. king kiasu. what a fine time to be back in malaysia. i'll be thinking of you both when i go watch the great gig in the sky. :)

木曜日, 11月 04, 2004


Mexico City: July,2003.

How does he do it? How do they do it? Uncanny and immutable.
This is such a happening tailpipe of a party.
Like sugar, the guests are so refined, (look like melting m&ms).

A confidence man but why so beleagued?
He's not a leader he's a Texas leaguer.
Swinging for the fence. Got lucky with a strike.
Drilling for fear makes the job simple.
Born on third. Thinks he got a triple.

Blackout weaves its way through the cities.
Blackout weaves its way through the cities.
Blackout weaves its way,....

I remember when you sang
That song about today.
Now it's tomorrow and
Everything has changed.

A think tank of aloof multiplication.
A nicotine wish and a columbus decanter.
Retrenchment and hoggishness.
The aristocrat choir sings,
"What's the ruckus?"
The haves have not a clue.
The immenseness of suffering,
And the odd negotiation, a rarity.
With onionskin plausibility of life,....
And a keyboard reaffirmation.

Blackout weaves its way through the cities.
Blackout weaves its way through the cities.
Blackout weaves its way,....

I remember when you sang
That song about today.
Now it's tomorrow and
everything has changed.

gossard, vedder
©2002 write treatage music/innocent bystander

水曜日, 11月 03, 2004

Now that the chimp has won

©2004 Steve Bell

may god help us.

may god help us all.

月曜日, 11月 01, 2004

We want to get loaded...

i recently viewed my old VHS tapes of gigs played long past. my performances, especially from the earlier days, i have to say, were laughable. makes me wonder what the fuck i was thinking then. some were cringe-worthy, the others were ok lah.

Fuck you, I won't do what you tell me! Indeed!

the best moments on one of the tapes were those of extended coordinates (aka f.a.k.a.p.), mates of mine who played the sheffield university students union band competition, only to be disqualified despite a genuinely rousing and rocking performance. reason for disqualification: failure to play at least one original composition (they played a full, and convincing, RATM set). the thing was, none of them gave a toss about the organiser's decision, as we all knew they rocked the house better than the tepid bands that played that evening (evidence: dismayed boos by the majority of the audience on the announcement of the disqualification).Quiet. as for me, my best gigs, i guess, were with suck at the pria mambo 2 in sheffield and with the desperados at the malaysian-singaporean dinner/dance at sheffield's cutler's hall. to tell you the truth, regardless of this post-mortem analysis, i had a great time in all the bands i played in. other memorable moments: my new-underpants-for-me-mom debut in a band was surprisingly rewarded by us sharing the top spot with the home band at warwick; a gig in london where the sound was barely audible onstage which actually sounded great on tape; seeing my marshall dying of overheating at the 11th hour at the tin pan alley gig. some of the better performances were not on tape unfortunately. but then again, some of my abysmal ones weren't either, thankfully. i guess we were there to simply to play music. the music didn't have to be ours, cos it didn't really matter.

what mattered was, to quote primal scream's loaded, we all just wanna have a good time.

as you can see, this pic below just sums it up.

Caught in a mosh.