月曜日, 5月 31, 2004

Cool no. 99

bank holiday monday! perfect day for...

doing absolutely zilch.

apart from ironing my shirts. now that's too much of a chore. but, hey. with a plain thosai with dhall and lamb curry for lunch, nothing can go wrong today.

such a lovely summer's day. should be out and about. but genetically i'm already tanned. so, thanks but no thanks.

i suppose all i wanna say that this sums the day up perfectly for me.

日曜日, 5月 30, 2004

Careful with that axe, Eugene (part II)

this is my tanglewood electro-acoustic, the model of which i don't really know.

it's a dreadnought-sized guitar on which i learnt a couple of tunes like 'more than words'. well, it was 1992.

bought it off webb, my then housemate, for a mere tenner. i think he bought it in cardiff for more than £150! talk about a bargain. the transducer was buggered when i bought it and it wasn't till a few years ago my brother fixed the guitar up real good.

don't be fooled by its 'cheapness'. this guitar was actually used in the recording of juliana banos' sophomore effort, jun. this guitar now resides among an array of other guitars at karya enigma studio, kuala lumpur.

Steel city

"woke up this mornin'
feel 'round for my shoes
you know about that, babe
i have them old walkin' blues"

robert johnson

decided to have a walkabout around sheffield despite the overcast sky. cleared up soon after, as expected. actually this was just an excuse to try out my new camera. so, i got some photos up in the gallery. do check it out. see what sheffield is all about.

the walkin' blues ain't bad...

土曜日, 5月 29, 2004

Are you experienced?

"no, man. this negative energy just makes me stronger. we will not retreat. this band is unstoppable. this weekend, we rock portland! yeah!!"
cliff poncier of citizen dick
singles, dir: cameron crowe [1992]

i wanna be a rock star. please note the said term wannabe.

since time immemorial i’ve had that wish that i could play the coolest guitar riffs in front of a crowd. perhaps not madison square garden but a dingy rock bar would do. in fact i wished i was good enough to join the school kugiran when i was 17. but then i’d just picked up the guitar (thanks to my teacher, a then 13-year old called trabye). And also, i was shy. haha. that’s a good starting point for that elusive formula to be that rawk gawd. damn. i wish i had taken mama’s offer to learn an instrument that day in 1979.

if playing air guitar was the thing to do in front of the bedroom mirror, my ‘air guitar’ was a real electric, bought when i was in the first year of med school. i had either ‘enter sandman’ or ‘smells like teen spirit’ on that rickety hitachi mini-compo, and off i went. that compo also doubled as the amp.

riffs a-blazing you wonder? you bet. in my wettest dreams.

my first experience playing as a live musician whatsoever was at the medics’ revue. i was a band member, happy enough to be on rhythm. the finale was a parody of ‘grease lightning’, which required a blues solo in A. the bassist was a pretty decent guitarist, but as he was keen on playing the bass in that number, he wondered if i could pull it off. he just wanted some little rubbish in A, and it didn’t have to sound like jimi. my heart sank as i told him that i couldn’t. you’d think by two years one could at least doodle a little ditty at the 12th frets by then. uh uh. not me.

i stayed on rhythm guitar that night.

it made me realise I couldn’t just go on with the blinkered view that i can play power chords forever without learning some simple licks. but i felt that i wanna. it was my comfort zone. or perhaps i was just plainly apathetic. or even genuinely not having the commitment. blame it on the textbooks.

i had a little solid state fender amp and a dod tube emulator stomp box at that time too, which i bought it third hand off a mate of mine. i continued to play stuff from the black album, but i was ecstatic that my repertoire had expanded beyond that of ‘sandman’. Soon thereafter, i had jumped on the alternative bandwagon, playing songs by nirvana and other bands of their ilk. apart from the fact alt-rock has become a more popular rock art form, i naively felt the music was ‘easier’ to play.

it wasn’t until i had my own hard-earned cash after graduation that i decided to buy a nicer guitar (my first black epi strat copy was retired back in kl by then). i bought a strat on the cheap and started to play a little bit more seriously. i was getting better at my rhythm chops but i dared not tread into the realm of scales. it wasn’t by this time my playing abilities improved pretty much exponentially. i’d have to say in the early days prior to even holding an electric, there were some simple facts about the electric guitar that i just got to grips with (pretty much embarrassing but we’ll leave that story for another day. i can see imran rolling on the floor in tears).

as the years ensued, i bought another guitar, marking the beginning of what musicians call g.a.s. (gear acquisition syndrome). buy now, think later. the bane of many a guitarist’s girlfriend/wife. still a bedroom player. still no opportunity to play in a band.

there is simply nothing wrong with being a bedroom player. i bet all the greats had to start somewhere. clapton admitted in an interview that he once played air guitar as a kid before his grandparents gave him his first guitar. as i was so much into playing tunes from my ever-growing cd collection, writing stuff was (and still is) alien to me. i thought to myself that after learning loads of other people’s stuff, i’d be able to churn out some tunes of my own. but every time i try to come up with something, i’d end up sounding like someone else. a recurring problem when one is one’s worst critic.

when i started to mix around with some people in birmingham and sheffield who were also into guitars, i had to opportunity to jam on a regular basis. this was a perfect opportunity to improve as my playing was open to criticism by my peers. and i had no problems with that.

most importantly, i now had the chance to finally realise that dream of playing live.

since i did not have any original material, performing cover tunes or playing as a tribute band was my forte. it provided this cheap thrill of pretending to be pearl jam or whatever band we were trying to emulate and paying tribute to.

some may ask where is the soul in that?

i think there is always soul in playing any kind of music, may it your own or someone else’s. does one accuse john mayall of having no soul when he and clapton covered robert johnson’s ‘rambling on my mind’? or led zeppelin when they played willie dixon's 'i can't quit you baby'.

i won’t even attempt to put myself or the bands i’ve been in on the same pedestal as these giants. but it provides me great comfort to know that with every single applause from the crowd (no matter how apathetic) during each single gig performance (no matter how lacklustre), the music (no matter that they are covers or not)that we played had succeeded in some little way to touch someone.

now for me, that is soul.

金曜日, 5月 28, 2004

Rollin' and tumblin'

its friturday. yup. i've the best boss in the world. it was like an hour before the official time one buggers off home, and she said, "what are you still doing here?".

don't have to ask me twice, man.

it's also a long weekend. the last one ever until xmas. better enjoy the warm weather while one is at it.

things going on tonight: a revision sesh for the effing mrcpath part two with my mate, sheikh. exciting stuff. no. really.

after which i'll probably go hook up with mr. 'slowhand' and brownie. late night cheeseburger and fries perhaps. hmm. cheeseburger *leleh*

today's recurring tune: coldplay's 'yellow' and 'trouble'
today's best nosh up: dri cafeteria's fish and chips (yay!)

later, folks.

木曜日, 5月 27, 2004

Careful with that axe, Eugene (part I)

didn't play much guitar until '91 when i laid my eyes on this old epiphone 635i at windows in newcastle upon tyne. bought it for £149. not bad for a guitar with a licensed floyd rose floating tremolo/locking nut system.

my guitar playing was still crap (still is now). basically played stuff like metallica (the black album was all the rage then). as you can see, some features of the guitar was modified to make it look like kirk's kh-2. well, i did try.

medical school didn't exactly give me much time to improve my playing. by the time i was in 4th year i decided to leave it back home in kl. my brother found some use for it, as its neck was actually quite fast.

the epi had some problems with fret buzz and it wasn't until 1998 that it came back to england when i had it set up properly. not only that, the epi was also hotrodded with seymour duncans (duncan custom humbucker with custom staggered and quarter pound single coils).

this first electric of mine was gigged twice, at the loughborough and sheffield gigs. currently, the trem is broken, and a total upgrade is probably imminent. so watch this space!

Digital diaries

the merchandise that i'd been waiting for arrived today. here it is in all its digital glory:

the fujifilm finepix f420. its super ccd hr sensor interpolates the effective 3.1 megapixel resolution to a whopping 6! when digital camera buyer magazine reviewed it as such:

"the 6-megapixel images produced are pretty impressive; colours are accurate and edges are defined"

it didn't make me think twice to get it online. i'm such a sucker. i don't have any experience whatsoever with digital photography. but testing its capabilities this evening showed that this lil' baby will be good enough. look forward to more images on this chaotic blog!

woo hoo!

Skin trade

you like? i like...


i really don't feel that focussed today. mind is numb.




水曜日, 5月 26, 2004

Me love you long time... five loller

i wanna play at a gig! it's really been a while.

i also don't have a band to play with at the moment. but then again, can i really spare the time? yeah, i can (denial strikes!)! i have played for cheap before, i can again! will play anything! name it, i'll (try) learn it. anything for the adulation (delusion strikes! and don't forget to add the word grandeur), man. i would gladly pay any gals out there to throw their undies onstage too.

do i sound that desperate? damn right!!

i don't care anymore! please. give this wannabe a job.


yes. ennui. will shut my trap and go clean my flat now.

Much cheapness

the best thing on arriving home after a hard day at work is the content of my mailbox. it’s this dilapidated white wooden thing that’s barely hanging on the wall of my house. after a weekend away its common to come home to this small rectangular space crammed with junk mail and the latest issue of the british medical journal. but that ain’t it.

it’s the anticipation of receiving items that i purchased online. just today, i’ve received another kurosawa dvd. woo hoo! there’s still a gig ticket for G3 that i’m still expecting. can’t wait.

i’ve been an online shopping freak for the past three years when it comes to music cd’s and dvd’s. addictive doesn’t even describe it. i just can’t control the urge sometimes. everything's cheaper than the stuff found in the high street shops. having the one-click shopping option on amazon doesn’t help control the urges, although i’ve never tried it. the nearest thing to a one-click system that i’m used to is buying cheap cd’s on play. damn. you just click on ‘confirm order’ and there you have it. i remembered when i first discovered the joys of internet shopping. i was buying band merchandise from the ‘states like there was no tomorrow. just like a kid in a candy store.

hopefully this other purchase will arrive by tomorrow. i am waiting eagerly with much fervour. (no, riki. it ain't a 314ce, although i wish it was.) you'll see it featured on this blog soon enough.

anyway, i’ve got some ayam goreng and nasi that needs to be dealt with imminently. now, that’s something i can’t order online.

Bodily fluids

had our weekly mrcpath teaching sesh this afternoon at the hallamshire hospital from oxford's own bryan warren, a prominent gastrointestinal pathologist. i won't even try to bore the readers of this blog with the features of microscopic colitis and all that jazz, but he did tell us something about the virtues of being pedantic in pathology. words may be misconstrued if not spelt out explicitly.

he described a sign above a room in the gynaecology department at an unnamed hospital in the west midlands:


i think that's enough to put you off dinner for a week.

火曜日, 5月 25, 2004

Lost and found

since owning an olympus [mju], i have unfortunately forsaken my contax slr. and only recently too, i have found out that the contax is a 139 quartz, 1979 model. thanks to my uncle, i actual own a vintage. of sorts. as the contax started to collect dust, i have also forgotten that there was still a roll of film in it. recently, i took some random shots so as to get the film developed asap. i just got it back from jessops this evening, and i realised the film had been in the camera since the summer of 2002! anyway, the shots i took last week from that same roll of film were actually fine.

as fine as this.

Wistful thinking

on sunday, while scanning old photos for the photoblog, i decided to put on bob dylan's time out of mind (columbia, 1997) as a little background music. i then found the words of the third track really struck a heart-rending note. with the thousands of songs he had written in the past 40-odd years or so, i wonder if he can actually remember it all in his live performances. does he make it up as he go along? his so-called neverending tour. i was lucky enough to see bob dylan and his band play live two years ago.

this ain't highway 61 revisited but i think it is such a good dylan number.

I'm walking through the summer nights
Jukebox playing low
Yesterday everything was going too fast
Today, it's moving too slow
I got no place left to turn
I got nothing left to burn
Don't know if I saw you, if I would kiss you or kill you
It probably wouldn't matter to you anyhow
You left me standing in the doorway, crying
I got nothing to go back to now

The light in this place is so bad
Making me sick in the head
All the laughter is just making me sad
The stars have turned cherry red
I'm strumming on my gay guitar
Smoking a cheap cigar
The ghost of our old love has not gone away
Don't look like it will anytime soon
You left me standing in the doorway crying
Under the midnight moon

Maybe they'll get me and maybe they won't
But not tonight and it won't be here
There are things I could say but I don't
I know the mercy of God must be near
I've been riding the midnight train
Got ice water in my veins
I would be crazy if I took you back
It would go up against every rule
You left me standing in the doorway, crying
Suffering like a fool

When the last rays of daylight go down
Buddy, you'll roll no more
I can hear the church bells ringing in the yard
I wonder who they're ringing for
I know I can't win
But my heart just won't give in
Last night I danced with a stranger
But she just reminded me you were the one
You left me standing in the doorway crying
In the dark land of the sun

I'll eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm dry
And live my life on the square
And even if the flesh falls off of my face
I know someone will be there to care
It always means so much
Even the softest touch
I see nothing to be gained by any explanation
There are no words that need to be said
You left me standing in the doorway crying
Blues wrapped around my head

standing in the doorway
words/music: bob dylan
© 1997 special rider music

月曜日, 5月 24, 2004

Signe of the times

wanna know what i really miss? this.

well, unless my s40 can go into warp speed, restoran subang ria would still be closed by the time my car lands in kelana jaya.

now, back to the real world. i was in the queue for a little nosh up at mc donalds earlier this evening, when i noticed the woman in front of me getting a tub of salad while a happy meal was ordered for her little daughter.

wait just a minute. salad? then i saw apples on the counter. this can't be happening.

then i noticed another thing. "i'm sorry. we don't do supersize meals any more."

you must be kidding.

yes. the great greasy McD has gone all healthy recently. an ad campaign with the mugs of the 'healthy' woman who's had her share of McD greens is seen on billboards everywhere. i just wonder how much does a Mc red apple would cost as compared to the ones sold by the pound in the marketplace.

don't get me wrong. too much greasy burgers are bad for you. i should know. i could gain 10 kilos in 2 months eating that crap. tasty crap, though (crap... not in the literal sense). but i'm sure you can have a choice of going to sainsbury's and get a tub of salad, which i'm sure will be so much cheaper. leave McD's alone to make us that greasy burger and supersized fries. there's always the gym!

which reminds me, i can't seem to find my gym shorts.

strolled along soon after to a little music shop. got myself the clapton unplugged book. been thinking about getting it for a while. then, told myself, why not?

only one problem when i left the store.

i now need an acoustic.

now, what time does sound control close today...

Do sign up, it's another budster

are you a member of friendster? remember when one first gets invited and people start writing testimonials for each other? then we look at other people's friends, and so on and so on. i know some people with a bevvy of beauties in their friend list. whoa. this is the net, and they may look like yoda for all you know! there, there. enough with the shallowness.

i've gotten off it now. the novelty wore off after a while as what you have in the end is a non-evolving site with simply your details in it (i rarely send messages via friendster cos like most people i use e-mail ;P).

and now, check this one out!

日曜日, 5月 23, 2004

Life on display

this morning i felt like reminiscing. and i have also decided to drag anyone that enters this blog today with me! i've just uploaded a little pictorial mini-autobiography encompassing my life up to now. a snapshot of that proverbial little and winding road, with the bad hair, teeth, warts and all. some might think its foolish but what the hey! either click on the gallery, or just here if you aren't that bothered to move the mouse :)

scanning the photos is such a pain but with pictures like this below, i sincerely feel the results do pay off.

土曜日, 5月 22, 2004

Ikut hati mati, ikut rasa binasa

like someone who enjoyed guns 'n' roses' 'knocking on heaven's door' before listening to the original version by dylan, i watched 'ran', kurosawa's brilliant 1985 rendition of 'king lear' (yup. have never been to see a shakespeare play. not even once.). an elderly lord, hidetora (played by tatsuya nakadai), being betrayed by two of his three sons, taro and jiro, after banishing his youngest son, saburo. the elder taro's murder by the younger and ambitious jiro. jiro's ultimate downfall after being manipulated by lady kaede, taro's widow. saburo's untimely death by an assassin's bullet just when the elderly lord was about to redeem himself. hidetora died an unforgiven man soon after.

confused yet?

you see here an old man, once a brutal warrior and lord of his clan, trusting his two older (and soon-to-be judases) sons to rule over the ichimonji clan. the elder of the two sons later went on in an attempt to destroy their father and his 30-odd samurai retainers, after trusting the words of his wife, kaede. after ordering his right hand man to murder his brother, jiro was easily swayed by the deceitful kaede's womanly charms. it's easy to see how far shedding a few tears and a shag (or two) could lead to a man's ruin.

the devious kaede threatening to slit jiro's throat before getting it on with him

sadder still was to see a man driven to madness and despair after being betrayed by his two sons whom he thought he trusted (again, influenced by their sweet persuasions), while his youngest son was banished for being blunt and outspoken about the truth. all three men died because of the inability to see the truth that was in front of their very eyes, despite being implored by the ones who really cared about them. if only they had listened to sense in the first place, rather than their hearts. in the end, no one wins.

if only i had the pleasure to see this epic masterpiece on a screen greater than 14". i thought one of the most memorable scenes was the one in which hidetora's two concubines committed double suicide as tora's army invaded the castle. an honourable but unnecessary death. such a gripping movie. i know. i sound like one of those book reviews. honestly, i kid you not. i'd thouroughly recommend it.

So you think you can tell Heaven from Hell

"remember when you were young
you shone like the sun..."
pink floyd

very sunny morning. had my fare of roti canai for brekkie. a lil' bit of laundry. chop my locks off later then go pick up my watch at the jewellers. saturday mornings can be so nice.

until later on when the books beckon. doom and gloom awaits. no summer sunshine can brighten that kind of darkness.

was trying to get gilmour's elusive tone this morning but to no avail. riki would racun me to get the exact gear, hiwatt head included. never mind. i'm sure with some perseverance and a little imagination, my trusty '54 (ahemM!!) strat along with the gt3 multi-effects (note its non-analogue nature) will recreate the same magic that was first heard at abbey road in 1975. 'shine on you crazy diamond'. that's a lick worth learning. god knows how long it'll take for me to nail it.

i remembered my first foray into effectsdom. the first multieffects unit i ever used was this mid 90s yamaha that belonged to kazman. i bought a dunlop wah, hoping to be able to use it on my first ever gig. until i discovered that i was absolutely useless in wah wah-ing. it stayed in the box until 7 years later.

i went on to a boss me30. gigged with it a few times. messing up sounds along the way. by the time i really knew how to create the dopest sounds ever (to my ears!) from that small blue plastic unit, i found that i wasn't gigging for a while. sod's law. my current boss gt3 was bought on the cheap. in the days when digital amp modelling is improving, i still feel that i haven't discovered its full potential. some of its time-based effects are brilliant. i know that its pretty dated as compared to the line 6's that you see out there, but it serves its purpose very well as far as i'm concerned.

besides, until i start to play very well, that full analogue/boutique pedal set up can wait...

金曜日, 5月 21, 2004

But this goes to 11...

met up with our own 'slowhand' who wasn't really revising yesterday evening. tried out his fulltone custom full drive 2 overdrive pedal (a limited edition too) with his 70's strat. sweet. 'slowhand' is deploring the fact that the volume of his deluxe reverb ii could only go up to 2 on the best of days. he wants 7 and that's really understandable. shahid was suggesting headphones. the shock. the horror. the horror... of such a suggestion.

since it was shahid's last night in steel city, the three of us stuffed ourselves with the wicker's cheapest and tastiest roast spring chicken (£2.99 per bird). topped off with a couple of tubs of ben & jerry's, we were in gastronomic heaven. life's little pleasures.

on the way to work this morning, i was listening to more messed up stuff that's happening in the world today. as usual. why can't people just live their lives quietly. dang! is that too much to ask? pathology was in the news too, as a randomised study on post-op appendices and tonsils indicate the possibility that more people in britain may carry the vCJD prion (mad cow disease, the human version). news of the abused maid in malaysia were in the malaysian dailies recently. seems like we, too, are jumping on the maltreatment-of-human-beings bandwagon.

木曜日, 5月 20, 2004

Ain't no Go Go Yubari in here!

i started to really get into movies by the great akira kurosawa in a big way when i was recently on vacation in kl. my dad mentioned how in the 50s, he and a friend went to watch a japanese flick called 'rashomon'. the movie was about a story where a man was murdered by a thief (ably played by toshiro mifune, another big name in japanese cinema) and the rape of the dead man's wife. the brilliant thing about 'rashomon' is that the details of the murder/rape was given from four different perspectives: the thief's, the wife's, the soul of the dead man (eeriely conveyed via a female shaman) and a woodcutter who witnessed the whole incident. sums up the saying that there's always (n+1) sides of a story. n people's and the truth.

i was at time square then with my dad, flipping through a myriad of dvd's (the dts ones kept in plastic, costing rm11 each... you know the kind i mean!). so i decided to get 'rashomon' and 'seven samurai'. i was hooked after that.

from the dvd commentary i could then understand why kurosawa was such a legend. coppola, lucas and spielberg looked up to kurosawa in a big way. george lucas' star wars 'episode iv: a new hope' was based on kurosawa's 1958 effort 'the hidden fortress' (kakushi toride nosan akunin). even our p. ramlee was deeply impressed with kurosawa's epic works. kurosawa was meticulous in his role as a director. if he needed rain (a recurring theme in some of his emotional scenes in his movies), there will be rain. wind? the great electric fans will recreate even a calm summer's breeze. every shot was composed as if it was artwork.

toshiro mifune was involved in many of kurosawa's classic work. the mifune-kurosawa efforts were much compared with those of de niro and scorsese in american cinema. mifune's character of kuwabatake sanjuro (which literally means 30 mulberry fields!) in 'yojimbo' was in fact caricatured by clint eastwood, instead of a toothpick in his mouth and a katana, eastwood's man with no name smoked a cheroot and used pistols. the imitation doesn't end there. sergio leone's seminal spaghetti western 'fistful of dollars' was scene-for-scene taken wholesale from 'yojimbo'. imitation was indeed the most honest form of flattery but not for leone, as he was later on sued by the japanese.

most of kurosawa's early works were pretty much jidai geki (period dramas). 'seven samurai' (shichinin no samurai) and 'yojimbo' were tributes to american cowboy films (kurosawa's trademark sunglasses were a homage to the great director of american westerns, john ford). in fact, ‘throne of blood’ (kumonosu jo) and ‘ran’ were clever adaptations of the Shakespeare classics, ‘macbeth’ and ‘king lear’, respectively. the method of acting employed in ‘throne of blood’ was reminiscent of that in traditional noh drama. after watching the depiction of noh in kurosawa’s ‘kagemusha’, i was struck by how such traditional movements of the actors were interpreted in 20th century cinema.

movie posters (l to r): seven samurai, throne of blood, the hidden fortress and yojimbo

'rashomon' awed me with its clever storytelling. 'throne of blood' scared the bejesus out of me. 'yojimbo' and its sequel 'sanjuro' made me laugh. 'seven samurai' was just pure genius. i just bought 'akahige' (mifune's last collaboration with kurosawa, after which neither men spoke to each other for many years) and 'ran' last night. 'the hidden fortress' dvd is on its way in the post. every kurosawa movie had been a different ride for me each time. now you wonder why every now and then i need a kurosawa hit?

水曜日, 5月 19, 2004

Why are we here? Because we're here, roll the bones

"we are immortal for a limited time"
dreamline, roll the bones (rush, 1993)

i have often wondered what the 'theme' of the blog will be. shall i be the righteous writer bemoaning the ills of the world? or the dumbass with nothing really substantial to say? to be truthful, i feel neither approach will be entertained as i am neither prolific in my writing skills nor am i gonna assume the role of the de rigeur dimwit.

imran was ecstatic in trying to get me to get some controversy down on the virtual digital A4 sheet, so to speak. (its all right, man. we shall argue about whether or not robert johnson actually conned the blues-playing world into thinking that he was the man another day.) i see ugly reprisals from clarksdale looming in the horizon.

probably i can express my absolute disgust at what is happening around the world today. abu ghraib. nick berg. the killings at rafa. or wonder what ethical issues that the medical profession and the general public have considered with stem cell research. or a scrutiny of the stuff (bullshit included) that goes around in that microcosm of the world we call friends. perhaps an analysis of what pak lah is actually doing for the betterment of malaysia, if that is your cup of lapsang souchong.

issues that i, and i am sure all of you, have some inkling and care about.

however, i will choose to write on simple matters. things that probably don't matter to some or even all of you that reads this. i do have opinions on matters of the world, may it be strong or not, but i say let the ones who can really say something take on that role. many blogs and sites are around, filled with the two cents contributed by people. most of whom know what they are talking about. or you can listen to radio 4.

an easy way out for me? it is just a blog. a blog where i can ramble when i feel like it (like now, for instance). this humble blog of mine will tell you if the sky is blue or not. or i can tell you where to find the recipe for the zillion dollar frittata.

such is the stomach of chaos. when there are things to say, whether they really matter or not, it will be said.

火曜日, 5月 18, 2004

Ye olde alma mater

sekolah datuk abdul razak alumni (SDARA) will be organising a charity run for the old boys, current boys and staff, from tanjung malim to sungai gadut (the new campus) via sikamat valley (i was there!) some time in august.

one thing i learned today was that the deputy health minister is an old boy. wa-hey! way to go...

i definitely need to do some running, at the rate my paunch is growing :P

Pics, photos, images, gambar et cetera...

fiddling around with the html on the blog's template. it's 'easy', kinda. no experience whatsoever in computer programming language (is html a programming language?). i can somehow hear laughter among you computer enthusiasts out there. go on. laugh. :P

anyhow, here are some links (see the column on the right there?)to some websites that may be of some interest. and also a link to some pics (see gallery) i have collected over the years. not so much a photography buff, but i do own a contax, courtesy of my uncle. a few of the photos were also taken with a compact olympus [mju:]ZOOM wide 80, especially when i do not trust the person with a totally analogue slr!

do enjoy the pics. it's mostly band stuff, but i'll get other pics up soon.

a bientot!

I am now a blogger!

its been a while since i thought to myself, "must give this a try". venturing into the blogging world. moi? the malay adage hot hot chicken shit comes to mind. anyhow. the die is cast. i've now registered with blogspot successfully. i guess a couple of lines as my first entry will do.

i am pretty much knackered to say anything at the moment. probably its the khan's curry combo i had earlier this evening. or perhaps its the amount of glass that i shifted at work all day today. or perhaps the anticipation of more glass to shift tomorrow. the mind boggles!

shahid's in town for a couple of days, its his MPhil viva tomorrow. 'psychophysics: the fundamentals'. that's a recommended book title that's enough to scare you. thank god i am doing pathology. which reminds me, november ain't that far off. my ass therefore needs a little kicking.

sorry for my bizarre train of thought. never has been linear anyway. at least there's a couple of paragraphs now. may see a few more in the next entry, huh?